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What type of clothes should I wear if I want people to think I am a very outdoorsy sporty person? At the moment I wear adidas "climacool" t shirt and shorts a lot with an adidas running hat. In winter always adidas tracksuit top and bottom.

I have adidas singlet that looks like pic related but I have no muscles so don't wear it out. Also I have a fitbit

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Flames. Fire = energy.

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Ebin, I always wanted as a kid.

Thinking of getting this, what does bernd think?

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>What type of clothes should I wear if I want people to think I am a very outdoorsy sporty person
>if I want people to think

That's called being a poser.

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I am outdoorsy, I just want other people to notice

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Well in that case, anything from Under armour should serve you well.

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That would be lifter bro tier, I want to be the cardio bunny equivalent for male.

I was inspired by this video since child

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Are you a fucking pidor?

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people can tell from a mile away if you are bernd regardless of the clothes you wear

get columbia/rei hiking shirts and aisics retro running shoes

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I have no fuccing idea.

But here in Russia, a good idea is to have:

* actual running shoes as well as easy-to wash tracksuit (EASY TO WASH FABRIC -- ergo, real Adidas ClimaCool)

* brow bands for sweat

Maybe a flask made of plastic.

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Wear what Indiana Jones wore.

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Being fit shows through your clothes.
Being unfit while decked out in full athletic gear is just ridiculous.

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Yeah I have 3 climacool tracksuits I think, from 2014 16 and 17. They are really good. Too hot to wear them now. Thanks for headband idea, I might do it because I have shaved head now so it will look great.

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>adidas tracksuit


All you need now is a bottle of vodka.

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Well, adidas is casual enough to wear for a jog and in public & formal enough to wear at parties.
If you wanna mix it up, might consider buying puma so you'l become this puma-adidas demigod among men.

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I have a puma tracksuit I got this year when overseas relatives sent me some clothes but winter was already over when i got it. (It was just the bottoms). Also need some recommendations for tops/t shirts when i am nto wearing tracksuits.

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LOL you can't fake it, your body movements are going to give you away immediately to anyone who actually goes outside

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Good, good.

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