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/int/ 43465494: our president is literally exponentially more powerful ...

eduardostuart Avatar

our president is literally exponentially more powerful than any other president, company boss, or other world leader.

he has billions of dollars, he’s a big guy and has the command of the strongest country’s military in this world

he is literally the most invincible person there is

how does Bernd deal with this fact?

andyisonline Avatar

I try not to think about it too much.

smaczny Avatar

I pray to Allah for his death from heart attack or stroke every night.

yesmeck Avatar

he's a 71 year old dude now, he's practically senile at this point

georgedyjr Avatar

Call him a racist
That'll kill him

iamkarna Avatar

I tweet about him 20 times a day and pretend belief that all those articles about him are true. That shithole controversy for an example. It's pretty obvious that he refered to the education of the migrants from these countries but it's ebin to pretend that he meant race.

turkutuuli Avatar