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/int/ 43465648: Every Mexican on krautchan is a pedantic medical profes...

soyeljuaco Avatar

Every Mexican on krautchan is a pedantic medical professional and every Mexican in real life is a glib but well meaning salesman or retail employee

ryanjohnson_me Avatar

Tbqh I’ve never known what glib meant.
And I have a language SAT score of 162.

naupintos Avatar

Mexican thread?
Mexican thread it is

Qué onda? Por qué no salen los sábados por la noche?

mrxloka Avatar

I don't know what the fuck that means. Thank you for bringing these snacks to my country btw.

garethbjenkins Avatar

I just had some, very tasty snack.

emilioiantorno Avatar

How so you even remember your SAT scores? Oh, you're underage.

antonyryndya Avatar

Yes I really like them. Also when I buy them from the Lebanese clerk at 7-11 I feel like I'm living in a multicultural superpower like Sweden.

aaronstump Avatar


Unless you're retarded or you have dementia there's no reason you should be able to remember your SAT scores.

t. 28 and not the Bernd you're responding to

robinlayfield Avatar

lies, they are pretty bernadettes

aluisio_azevedo Avatar

excuse me but what are your proofs

Bernd Avatar

lol awaree, you gotta stay safe out here

t gives meme fitness advice tho never ill meaning