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/int/ 43465658: This just showed up in my local Craigslist. What would ...

markolschesky Avatar

This just showed up in my local Craigslist. What would you do to help her, bernd?

csswizardry Avatar

>willing to do anything
>do not contact me with unsolicited services or offers

anhskohbo Avatar

That's a lure for a robbery.

danro Avatar

>my daughter is 8 years old

I have a way she could earn $500 fast. Too bad some kcmod will just give her the money for no reason.

yehudab Avatar

this is why libertardians wasn to cut off welfere world wide so they smirk in her face and tell her to suck dick for food

(provided its not scam because it pretty much can be)

both libertarians and scammers should be executed

krdesigndotit Avatar

I honestly don't know if it's true or not. On one hand it has all the hallmarks of a scam, but on the other hand I know people IRL who fucked up even worst than this.

smenov Avatar

Capitalism is the highest form of human life.