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/int/ 43465701: Bernd finds a wallet stuffed full of large denomination...

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Bernd finds a wallet stuffed full of large denomination bills in the bathroom at the mall. Nobody is around to see Bernd take it.

Inside are also IDs and credit cards with the owner's name and address. With some efforts, the owner can be found and the wallet returned.

How does Bernd proceed?

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I return it all, of course. What do you think I am, a nigger?

antonyryndya Avatar

Of course I return and I have returned missed things before. My pride and conscience is worth more than some money.

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Of course I take everything.

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Me: take all the cash, throw wallet away. Rich cunts must suffer. If it's a very nice designer wallet I will flush the contents and keep it for myself.

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I found a wallet on a forest shortcut when going home back when I was 11- yo or something. It was full of money(I think 300 euros or something) and had moped card of a 15 yo bully asshole of the same school I went to. Wanted to take it all so much but naivety finally won and only took 20 euros and put the wallet back on ground because there is no way I was going to take it back to that asshole piece of shit.

Some drunk or little Jonne got rich that day.

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Look at the ID. If the guy looks like some rich cunt or a subhuman ç*mar take the money and fuck off.

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keep the money and send the empty wallet with drivers license and ID back.

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He was rich anyway

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Kek, stupid cunt

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Take the money and live the wallet where it was.


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Thank you for your remark.

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take the money leave the wallet so the mall staff or somone else find it

what is found is not stolen

than i woulld feel bad about my self but the feeling would by quickly gone by the sight of my debts being paid up and alcohol filling my veins