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/int/ 43465726: I'm barefoot 99% of the time. The only exceptions a...

yangpeiyuan Avatar

I'm barefoot 99% of the time. The only exceptions are obviously when I'm outside in the garden in the city or when it's extremely cold. Is this normal?

ryandownie Avatar

Yes, and you are alone

rahmeen Avatar

what do you think about people who wear socks 97% of time?

canapud Avatar

Yes, walking in bare feet promotes a healthy gait and posture

mat_walker Avatar

The only thing abnormal is that 99% of your time is spent at home.

thomasgeisen Avatar

No. How Keinbernd do you have to be to even ask this question?

erikdkennedy Avatar

I used to wear socks indoor during winter now I don't even do that. Only time I wear socks is when I'm going outside.

ionuss Avatar

No. How fucking kein do you have to be to even ask that question?

fluidbrush Avatar

I go barefoot outside a lot. I've been kicked out of stores.

leelkennedy Avatar

I just got up to make breakfast, and my kitchen floor was cold enough it was painful to stand on. Still, I went barefoot.

I'll probably put on socks and slippers later, when I do the dishes and prepare the week's meals in advance.

samscouto Avatar

Walking barefoot in towns and even the city isn't really that odd in New Zealand, In the towns its near expected you'd be wearing jandals or be barefoot.

ryhanhassan Avatar

Isn't that just because New Zealanders are too poor for shoes?

csswizardry Avatar


We typically fashion the furs of rats and wild dogs in to make shift shoes. But since it is so time consuming or expensive to buy from an experienced craftsman, only the more westernized city folk have them.

ayalacw Avatar

Is this the forbidden image?

n_tassone Avatar

You are good man, OP. Only sissies wear socks 99.9% of the time.

thomweerd Avatar

How does dog and rat skin compare to the more traditional calfskin? Is there a reason you leave the fur on the hide, other than mere expediency? I was under the impression New Zealand had a mild climate.

stayuber Avatar


It can get very cold in new zealand, also it is useful in case you have to make emergency pillow.