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/int/ 43465809: You will never kidnap a Russian and a Polish Bernd and ...

ma_tiax Avatar

You will never kidnap a Russian and a Polish Bernd and force them to have gay sex and other acts with each othe

stephcoue Avatar

Several years ago I remember a gay white bernd in California went to a Home Depot and forced two desperate mexican guys two fuck each other

danro Avatar

Fucking hot.

pakhandrin Avatar

Wait, WHAT? Story time, NOW.

You've got a screencap?

artheft_ua Avatar

No it was several years ago but I still remember it. He took them to a motel and did it for fun and just watched them as they were clearly disgusted at what they had to do but did it out of desperation for money.

keyuri85 Avatar

That was me.

ajaxy_ru Avatar

This thread is so american on so many different levels, i can't even.

nicoleglynn Avatar

How is this American?

jrxmember Avatar

Poor mexicans are being opressed in a bizarre fashion. Also everybody is homogay.