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Now let me make it loud and clear to you /int/

South Korea is a beacon of Democracy. They have free elections and are a free society where the people choose their leaders. They represent Good and if this were Star Wars they'd be the Good Guys- the Rebels.

North Korea is Evil, a lackey of China. They are China, as evil as China and a friend of China is no friend of us. They are evil therefore they must be destroyed.

Do I make myself clear?

Freedom Isn't Free. That is why Brave American Soldiers are in Europe, Korea and elsewhere. They are the last shield, the last door. All that stands between YOU and getting your fucking asses rammed by Chink Dicks!

We are all that stands between Taiwan becoming like China.
We are all that stands between Poland's 6th or 7th Partition.
We are all that stands between every country falling under Sharia Law.
We are all that stands between that thin, fine line of a World of Freedom or 1984.

That is why I love America.
That is why I respect America.
That is why I make this pledge

"I pledge allegiance to the Flag of the United States of America, and to the Republic for which it stands, one Nation under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all."

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Take your medication, schizostralia

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t. seppo cunt on vacation

georgedyjr Avatar

god bles murica and inventor of burger

pakhandrin Avatar

>Freedom Isn't Free

What are your proofs?

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OP's the crazy chinkstralia who's been making these threads for literally years now

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Pls don't use our flag like that. This is the new flag of gassing niggers and kikes, not liberal democracy

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Fatnik larp Australia strikes again.

turkutuuli Avatar

>They represent Good and if this were Star Wars they'd be the Good Guys- the Rebels.
But the Rebels were the bad guys

herrhaase Avatar

This is the Freedom of Democracy and Liberation and always will be.

I see no Chinks here...yet.

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>every country falling under Sharia Law

To prevent that, USA and Israel must be destroyed

safrankov Avatar

To prevent that we must be vigilant.

Fight Wars everywhere throughout the Middle East while giving China a good kick up the ass and gouging out Russia's eyeballs.

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So that why you're moved to Australia. Ok.

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Shutup asshole

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There are forces in Australia who can help God Emperor Trump root out the evil that is China.

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Wasn't south korea run by a cult till recently?

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A Good Woman, blinded by grief at the death of her parents, felt into a Cult in her moment of grief giving that Cult undue influence if you will.

Imagine if your parents were killed right in front of you and the first people you turned to was your Father. Years later your friend the Father asks for a favor.

Thankfully Democracy and the power of the people rooted out this Evil Cult.

This is why you need to trust in Democracy and the God Emperor Trump, Avatar who will destroy the Evil that is China.