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The more you learn. Turns out, it's not the first time when Americans start going political against Russia when they lose at sports:

>By some accounts, at the end of the game, Righetto refused to sign the official scoring sheet in an act of protest

>Tenschert also angrily dissented with the jury's ruling, declaring, "Under FIBA rules, the United States won."
>After the conclusion of the games, the United States Olympic Committee launched another appeal
>It received the support of Righetto, who was quoted saying the Soviet victory was "completely irregular, and outsides the rules of the game of basketball

so the fake topic scandal is nothing special here

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I miss the Cold War. We achieved great things out of butthurt back then.

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USSR losing the game and having Bulgaria referee cheat to let them win.

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cry more

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>The Soviet coaches Bobrov and Kulagin were interviewed after the series in Sovietsky Sport. The coaches said they were astonished that the Canadians argued with the referees

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There is a long, proud tradition of Olympic butthurt.

In 1980, the US boycotted the Moscow Olympics because of butthurt over Afghanistan. In 1984, the Russkies boycotted the LA Olympics because of butthurt over the 1980 boycott. In 1980, even this Polack could make the Russians butthurt with a simple gesture.

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Forgot pic

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Olympics stopped being about sports a long long time ago

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Even 1934 olympic games werent that political..

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lol russia