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/int/ 43466039: why are there so many bernds here talking down to other...

arnel_lenteria Avatar

why are there so many bernds here talking down to other bernds after they got rich of cryptos instead of helping them to with their problems?

syswarren Avatar

It's a doggy dog world, Bernd.

carlyson Avatar

You never feel rich. If you have 100$ in crypto, you think how good it is to get 1000$. If you get 1000$, it becomes normal for you and you want 10K$, and so on up to billions.

adhiardana Avatar

I hate poorfags.

turkutuuli Avatar

Because they aren't actually rich until.they've cashed out.their cryptos into real monee

csswizardry Avatar

Gambling addicts always think they're better than everyone.

jrxmember Avatar

Because bernd is the definition of 'has problems relating with others'

joshhemsley Avatar

>after they got rich of cryptos
I doubt that anyone here get at least $1 million from memecoins.

michigangraham Avatar

but there is a level where you don't have to worry about other people anymore isn't it?

For about 10k you can live one year on the germany. Now if you have 100k or a bit more imagine the degree of freedoms

smaczny Avatar

I wish I could help you Bernd, but crypto market is 90% gambling. So far I managed to make 30k$ in half a year and started with 2k$. I can only recommend to look into, their public ICO starts in march and the concept looks very very solid. I don't think there will be a lot of hype about this company just because they don't seem to care at all about marketing and I had a chance to absolutely randomly meet their CEO and he was drunk, and he told me that they presold to Sberbank and Wells Fargo and these 2 huge banks will be using their services. So he believes that it will be bigger than ethereum, but, you know... If I had a company I would say the same shit. Nevertheless I'm going to put 15k into their ICO, just because the concept looks very strong. I don't guarantee anything, but worth a try. And i agree with you that we should be helping each other, we are a pretty small community after all, even if we all get rich it would be just a drop in the ocean.

emileboudeling Avatar

>concept looks strong
no it doesn't

t. cloud storage and security pro

anyway, that's gambling so, what the fuck do I know... with good marketing maybe it can go to the moon

shesgared Avatar

Well, it's supposed to save enterprises shitton of money on storage and security and that is a big deal for many companies especially start-ups. And I really like the fact that service will only be purchasable with CTO(their coin). So companies would have to buy tons of them and hodl, because with the increase of the coins value they would be able to afford more subscription time. This is already better than 95% of shitcoin companies on the market that can increase their value only with straight hype. The only question is if enterprises will actually be using this product or not. If it's true what their drunk CEO that I've met on a new years eve told me and they actually signed up 2 huge banks for that shit then it's he is not wrong and it has potential to be bigger than ethereum.

leelkennedy Avatar

I don't know but it's my plan as well. Fucking nocoiners, gonna spit on them in a couple of weeks.

bergmartin Avatar

Because most of bernd are losers and you don't waste your time with losers.

juaumlol Avatar

True dat.

liang Avatar

Damn rude frog

garand Avatar

If you like risky investment, buy INT (Intchain).

Low market cap: about 50M
Current price : 0.25
Partners : IBM / Huawei / Link VC / Microsoft Research (per website / chatter)

It's under the radar now but it's the best way to make lot of money before it's hyped and shilled everywhere.

a_khadeko Avatar

Lottery syndrome?

breehype Avatar

Lottery is pure luck. Not crypto trading.

nehemiasec Avatar

tfw waiting for XRB.

Next week gonna be good, you fuggers.

orkuncaylar Avatar

I think you still have time to get pump from others coins and go back on that before it appears on Binance.

salleedesign Avatar

because nobody here actually "got rich" from cryptos, the people who got rich are an extremely small minority who probably don't gloat about it because they only got into bitcoin because it seemed cool not because they'd make money

mutlu82 Avatar

Who else got JUST'd this week? Probably the worst week for alts in 3 months.

haydn_woods Avatar

Maybe but what's more important is the node update in the beginning of next week.

mhwelander Avatar

My stuff fell quite a bit but since I bought really low, I'm still balls deep into profit.

hampusmalmberg Avatar

>begining of next week
I might be wrong but I don't think it will be at the begining of the week.

aadesh Avatar

I've been following closely, that's what they said. There was also an update from Mercatox about the withdrawels. I'll believe that when I see it tho.

jimmywebdev Avatar

Current situation. Some masterminds from biz are predicting huge bull run on Monday, when the Wall Street guys get their bonuses.

antonkudin Avatar

Mercatox didn't answer them.

alv Avatar

Old news, they have already.

ffbel Avatar

Because yesterday they had no news about them.

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mshwery Avatar

You will know Mercatox withdrawels are working when this here moves.

solid_color Avatar

They also reappeared on 7th January and nothing really changed. Full incompetence.

polarity Avatar

> If you have 100$ in crypto, you think how good it is to get 1000$. If you get 1000$, it becomes normal for you and you want 10K$
Its not about crypto.

timgthomas Avatar

I don't really care about them, my coins are on kucoin and will stay there until it reaches at least 500k sat.

wiljanslofstra Avatar

But on the 7th they weren't communicating with the dev team and now they do. So the dev team can give them the Functioning Node of Power and everyone can get their xrb. Then the whole currency will no longer be depressed by being owned by alleged scammers.

arnel_lenteria Avatar

Right now 0.33% of all XRB is stored on the Mercatox wallet which hurts the currency as a whole + the general problems with withdrawel from exchanges. Once the node issue is fixed, everything should be nice again. And then there's the binance adding on top. No idea how anyone could sell right now, it's gambling.

linux29 Avatar

why'd anyone want to part with his money to help random people? i'd help someone i know, for all i know other bernds might be drug addicts, or have gfs, or something like that.

tmstrada Avatar

More informations:

Buy now or regret forever.

moynihan Avatar

Looks like a scam.

alta1r Avatar

It looks like a scam because it's not hyped and shilled yet.

Bernd is the typical normie trader buying super hyped shit like Ripple or Tron who already did x10 or x100, buy ATH and then whine because it dumps. Truly pathetic.

stephcoue Avatar

>Why are there so many bernds here talking down to other bernds after they got rich of cryptos instead of helping them to with their problems?
because they deserve it tbh
>muh tulips!!

kamal_chaneman Avatar

Was looking it up on Chinese internets with my chink friend today. That's all bullshit about their partnerships with IBM etc. Done of their team members used to work for these companies on some small projects thats it. The only company they are actually partnered with is RUFF and it's a shit company. Basically get out of there and wait for cryptyk.

creartinc Avatar

Also her(my friends) uncle most likely knows couple of them, since they were professers at the same university and the same major, gonna talk to him as well.

cat_audi Avatar

where to buy?

suprb Avatar

join this pump and dump group :DDDDD
there seems to be a growing userbase, also you don't have to follow the pumps but it's nice to at least be aware of the current moves:

joshjoshmatson Avatar

Thanks for the informations, keep me informed in this thread or another crypto thread pls.

It's not too late for me to go out, I already made some money with it for now (almost x2). I doubt it will be an exit scam though, I bought it on and it's a serious exchange.

Anyway in this crazy crypto race, even a donkey with good marketing and hype can beat an Arabian horse.

Bought it on