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/int/ 43466143: If your country is big enough to have regions, what are...

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If your country is big enough to have regions, what are the ones worth living in? Flyover is hell, only texas, california, new jersey and new york are worth living here, everything else isn't worth risking your life over

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would rape both tho

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> new jersey
>worth living in

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São Paulo is all that matters.

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I want to move to oregon. It's like a really cheap norcal without all the bad aspects of california

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Podkarpackie if you want to earn 600$ a month.

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Great regions:
Navarre, Basque Country

Good regions:
Catalonia, Madrid, Valencia

Okay regions:
Castile & Leon, Asturias, Cantabria, Aragon, Balearic Isles, La Rioja

Bad regions:
Murcia, Castile-La Mancha, Galicia, Canary Islands

Worst regions:
Extremadura, Andalusia

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Actually North Carolina is the best state in America. One of the fastest-growing as well.
OP is hopefully trying to troll and he’s not actually that dumb.

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Any region in Northern Italy I guess
I want to live in a medium city like Verona or Bologna or Turin but I'm stuck in Milan

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Primorsky kray.

You can live in Sakha Republic only if you are ethical yakut and speak yakut language. If you are Russian you will suffer oppression in all spheres of life. If you are Yukagir they will treat you like shot btw.

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Texas is bigger than all of Western Europe. None of our countries is big enough to have regions.

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What is your opinion on Sardinia? Is it bad or good? I would like to live in village on Sardinia and do farming

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All are OK.

The ex-GDR ones are still economically weaker but they have less enrichenings.

City states should be merged with the surrounding ones though.

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>new jersey


LA, NYC, Chicago, Miami, Boston, Seattle, San Francisco.

If you're not in one of those cities you're a nobody.

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Texas is bigger than Amerika.

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Why is Asturias only OK and Galicia is bad?

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I'd kys myself
There's fuck all to do there

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Low wages, poor infrastructure (great scenery and food, though).

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Why would Bernd care about things to do? What are you doing where you live?

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I dont know and dont care.

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Go to concerts, hang out, visit museums , hike in the Alps and prealps
Even though I'm in Milan I can take a car and go to Venice in a day
In Sardinia you have to plan in advance to leave your shitty island and spend an awful amount of moni

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Doesn't Spain have low wages in general

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t. kein

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Yes, my answer was speaking within the current Spanish socio-economic status.

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Yes this is kc 2018

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Post average wave

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China by Province and language.

1. Wu-Speaking part of Jiangsu. Suzhou is their major city. Straight orderly, civilized China. Heart-bed of culture. Clean blue air, pollution minimal, climate ideal. Most of China's top universities are located here, because it has always been an intellectual center. In many ways you can take this province and compare it to Japan or Korea (comparable in population), and it would fare well.

2. Cantonese-speaking Guangdong. Guangzhou is their major city, followed by Shenzhen. A swamp, but hard to ignore the commerce done here. So much of the world's products are made here. The people are open, welcome, not tied down by principle, but of pragmatism, much like their son Deng Xiaoping. People are entrepreneurial, social, and hard working. It's actually a mashup of many different languages of different Chinese dialects/clans that have moved south, that calmed tensions after brutal wars. Many of the western stereotypes of Chinese people are from here, because for ages, this were the only people who ventured out of China.

3. Wu-Speaking part of Zhejiang. Hangzhou is their major city. Much like Jiangsu, it is part of Yangtze Delta, where many of the stereotypes still apply. Zhejiang is more mountainous, and rural. A quiet rustic life is possible here. Some of China's best teas were cultivated here (and later brought to Taiwan), and silk.

Honorable Mention

4. Gan/Hakka-Speaking Part of Jiangxi. Ganzhou is their major city. The province north of Guangdong. It's entirely rural, and Chinese people don't much much about it. I think it's an option to live in China affordably and away from the big city life. The food is spicy.

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Wages in Spain as of 2016 (gross, not net):
Average: 1,878€/month
Median: 1,594€/month

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How do Spaniards feel when their worst region colonized and settled the colonies?

Literally every negative stereotype of Latin Americans can be traced back to Andalusians.

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Bend is developing like crazy these days from all the people moving in.

Entire neighborhoods are built only to have new neighborhoods built around them too.

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Can you don't
t. hasn't bought broperty here yet

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Lower than the Italy
Shit looks dire tbh