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/int/ 43466215: ITT hardships you are facing

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what's on your mind?

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I have to leave to country I dont like to work with people I dont like on something that is difficult and unrewarding.

My life choices were sub-optimal.

murrayswift Avatar

Turning 30
Working dead end job
Becoming obese again
Never ever
Still living with mother

Just bernd things.

n_tassone Avatar

My life is a struggle. You wouldn't understand.

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I am trying to find out what should one be holding when stocks are ready to go down and bonds doesnt seem like a very good option?

superoutman Avatar

In 3 years 30 years old
Working for pennies
I hate people around me

fluidbrush Avatar

Not a lot of money, horny as fuck and no girl in sight.

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>I suffer on Ukraine

adhiardana Avatar

I've lost hope in myself

remiallegre Avatar

being alive

dmackerman Avatar

I have similare's
>In 3 years 30 years old
>Working for pennies
Except I'm mostly ok with people.

davidsasda Avatar

I'm an alcoholic.

madebyvadim Avatar

I need to pay to import my Russian gf

ryanmclaughlin Avatar

have to make cv today

have to make project today

grafxiq Avatar

wait are you me? Or is it genuinely my post i forgot about posting
also virgin obviously

puzik Avatar

According to the AARP's online calculator I have $275,000 more money than I need to lead an "extremely luxurious" lifestyle in retirement
wat do?

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Seize the means of production

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Which country?

herrhaase Avatar

That must feel good to be a Russian gf imported to New Zealand

leelkennedy Avatar

My leg is temporarily immobilized and it would be extremely painful to start walking again.

llun Avatar

I have my actuary exam come Tuesday. I love Probability but damn it’s hard to find time to study these days, in between life management shit.

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I drink far too much. I am going to court soon for drink driving.
I'm moving to Indonesia for an exchange semester but I'm not excited, kinda cant be fucked
Depressed again since halving my anti-depressant dose, feeling hopeless

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no friends
no gf
relatively shitty job
no perspectives in life, just work, eat and sleep

I hope to die by some accident, or get some balls and kill myself finally. This has been going on for way too long to my taste.

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fell off a ladder at work and now my hand hurts

wahidanggara Avatar

You won't even be alive by then, why even bother?

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Since I left the neetdom, I realized that the job takes all my time.
It's a normal job, with good people, but I simply dont have any non-working time. When I come home I can't do anything else. I go to bed and lose consciousness.

kazukichi_0914 Avatar

Nothing in life gets me excited anymore.

craighenneberry Avatar

My job and salary is too good for me.
I don't think i deserve it. I'm dumb, I'm working kinda bad, while everyone around me are hardworking and really smart people. I'm afraid that i'm still have this job only because of my relationships with the head of the company and other colleagues secretly hate me and laughing at my stupidity. I can't even sleep sometimes. I can't leave the job, i can't force myself to improve at it.
Meanwhile, other people of my age cant even make half or even third of my income.

I realized that at one point i become the man i hate the most.

damenleeturks Avatar

I have to go out today with my gf and help her pick out a table... I just wanted to stay indoor and be comfy....

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I just spend all my ethereum on shitcoins with funny names without even looking at the the numbers. Now I looked into it and most of them were at their all time high. I think I just wasted 1000$+

kill me

mat_walker Avatar

They don't call it wageslavery for nothing mate

350d Avatar

That's what I realize every time I start leving the normie life. It's just not worth it and if they say they feel good about it, 99% are lying.

umurgdk Avatar

You also weren't born in Tanzania or East Timor. Everyone you work with was born with some advantages like you; however in this specific observable manner you were born with more advantages than them. Maybe some of them have better family lives than you, it's not knowable.

If it bothers you a lot then invest in your community somehow, like giving money to foodbanks or donating to high school band programs or something.

christauziet Avatar

>invest in your community
Doing anything "community" is such an American thing to do. "Given back to community". The fuck does that even mean, what community? You mean all the hobos that are fucked because no welfare?

xravil Avatar

>invest in your community
I'm Russian, you know, so i don't believe in such things.

guischmitt Avatar

I restrain and limit myself severely when it comes to self expression.

leelkennedy Avatar

I have an appointment with the job center next week. I've been unemployed for a month, but I haven't written any job applications. I worked the last 5 years and I've had enough. Spending all your time and energy doing something I don't care about is worse than being dead.
They'll want me to waive my constitutional rights and I don't want to, but if I don't, they will harass me and deny me my welfare. If I do, I'll be forced to take up any job they offer, and there's a significant shortage of workers in my field of expertise, so I would find employment within days.

yangpeiyuan Avatar

Maybe look for animal shelters or homeless hostels (is that even the right word?).

baluli Avatar

Since I stopped smoking and drinking any alcohol I have nothing to do anymore on the weekends.
During the week I yearn for the weekend and during the weekend I feel bad because I just sit at home. Living as a Bernd is hard if you don't numb yourself.

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There is no homeless or stray animals, they just die every winter due to extreme temperatures.

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Go to a psychiatrist and get a diagnosis for depression. That will stop the job center nagging for at least a few months.

bighanddesign Avatar

Find a hobby or a place to waste your time.

alagoon Avatar

I'm not depressed at all, but I'm pretty autistic. I couldn't make a doggdor diagnose me with anything I don't show every single symptom there is of (I tried, I think my stoic demeanor makes people think I'm fine).

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Germany doesn't have a constitution

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Just tell them exactly what you posted before. As long as you say that you don't feel like working they will diagnose you with depression.

joshuapekera Avatar

I sincerely doubt that's how it works. Every doctor I ever talked to wanted to send me back to work asap.

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I know a hand full of people that made it work. Maybe you are too autistic too fake anything.

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Try reading about the impostor phenomenon m80. It's a term used to describe people who believe that they don't deserve their own success. Here's a brief summary of it from Wikipedia:
>Despite external evidence of their competence, those exhibiting the syndrome remain convinced that they are frauds and do not deserve the success they have achieved. Proof of success is dismissed as luck, timing, or as a result of deceiving others into thinking they are more intelligent and competent than they believe themselves to be.

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oh dog. ;_;

As a ugly, manlet, ultra mega loser with zero confident i am trying to speak people on internet(chats not imageboards) so maybe i can improve my communication skills. Also reading books about communication. But the people already higher level then me(even elementary school students are higher then me) i see no hope.


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> there's a significant shortage of workers in my field
Can't you just start working part-time?

kinday Avatar

I don't want to work even part time.