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/int/ 43466666: Dishwasher help helper

xspirits Avatar

Soon I will be living alone but I hate washing dishes so I will buy a dishwasher
Problem is I will be alone so it will take me days to fill it up.
Question to Bernds with dishwashers: how long can you leave dirty dishes in?

bnquoctoan Avatar

washing dishes for yourself is easy and even cathartic

m4rio Avatar

Are yu insane? It takes no more than a few seconds to wash one plate and a spoon

enriquemmorgan Avatar

Just buy this
It takes 10 minutes to do like 3 days of dishes, dont even have to fill up the sink.

armcivor Avatar

I wash my dish myself R8

devankoshal Avatar

Consider getting disposable tableware (plates, cups et.c. ) too.

javorszky Avatar

Just buy a small one. Do not buy the huge mostrosities for big families.

csteib Avatar

But anyway, I left the plates for like 5 days sometimes, till it was full. I have a big dishwasher and it is not that easy to fill it alone.

ntfblog Avatar

It dempends on how hot the room is. In summer they can get moldy after a few days, if there is still a lot of shit on the plates. I never leave it longer than 3 days.

Don't get a small one just buy a normal sized. Trust me.

falvarad Avatar

I've washed the dishes since little child because we never had a dishwasher and I'm so tired of it

HenryHoffman Avatar

Tables and cutlery are not more work if you do it by hand, and I don't think a dishwasher can do pots and stuff well. You're going to regret this once you spent lots of money on a machine that will not save you any work and be a pain in the ass to operate because you'll have to choose between running it almost empty, and having it not clean ancient dried food and being full of mold.

Reminder that you need to wash the food off your plates before putting them into a dishwasher anyway. If you live alone, dish washing is maybe 30 minutes per week. Compare that to the headache you're having trying to figure out how to even make a dishwasher work for you.

ovall Avatar

We generally only wash every 3 days or so, when I was in my own I only used it about once a week.
You can keep heaps of dirty dishes inside and it only gets stinky if you leave the door open, it pays to give greasy plates or wine/beer glasses a quick rinse before loading them.

Once the wash cycle is done, I recommend opening the door to let the steam out. The dishes are also super hot and dry within 30-45 minutes.

Down side is pots and pans still usually need to be washed manually and silicone stuff will get s permanent detergent smell if you put them in it.