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/int/ 43466671: Vintage shit

deviljho_ Avatar

So when things from the 80s go vintage that I can understand. But I have this feeling that all we see nowadays will be just thrown away because there's nothing decently built and worth keeping.

suribbles Avatar

I dunno, people already have nostalgia for the 2000s era even though it was shit too.

snowwrite Avatar

Televisions and cars from today will stay, most people save their old phones incase of a needed situation. I think alot of our current tech will still be around in 30-40 years just be circumstance. People are cheap...

albertaugustin Avatar

It's never about worth but about nostalgia.

souperphly Avatar

2003-2009 was the best time on the internets

350d Avatar

2000s was the best period, at start there where the best things about 90s and at the end we had the best things about 10s without the current shit of the 10s.