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/int/ 43466771: Ukraine future thread

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>oil go to the moon again

What they will do? also when nord stream2 will be open, russia just stop use their pipe and they will lose 2bln transit moni and pay for russian gas from Germnay with like 450$ per m3

Jesus, not even putinbot, just pain to watch

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Russia is going to balkanize by 2020

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I hear it in 2012 and nov 60% of tatars don't even know their language like yakuts

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Lol, Roosters are poorer than Romanians.

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Why use another pipe when Russia is in a Ukrainian trap? Everybody in Europe remembers how Russia was using their pipes as a weapon.

Those projects are the money drain for the putinistas.

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Do to high demand store clerks within two years will have average wage of 1000 Euros because Latvia refuses to import third worlders who would keep it at competitive wages of ~500 Euros.

>It has already been reported by the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) forecasts that the average salary in Latvia this year will increase by 4.1%, which is the second fastest growth among the OECD countries.

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russter thread about:
[x] Ukraine
[x] Oil
[] US state debt

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Also nice Baxert topic to derail attention to Ukraine after people made fun of Russia here - >>43465358

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>What they will do?
The same shit they have been doing since the year of 2004, jumping.

>lives on german dole
>Latvia refuses to import third worlders

No wonder they have started to cut your funds, gerr Shprotenberg.

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Germoney doesn't even add 1% to economy. nice russian baxert.
Our highest grossing trade partner country is UK. and the country that creates most jobs is Sweden.

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even if the pipe was to be build you would loose money for a dozen years on the project anyway

i dont know what are you so happy about

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>Germoney doesn't even add 1% to economy

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>only hohols are allowed to mock any other country, hoholia can't be bullied

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Good for American shale oil

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We are talking about 35mil people who live in europe on 190$/mo who face real holodomor soon, i hope europe prepare food aid.

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Almost a billion euro of welfare for a statelet with population less than Minsk, Kharkov or Novosibirsk.
Seriously, you eat 750 million euro per year. For less than 2 million people.
If Germany cuts welfare, you'll be holodomored in a month.

Poland is still Welfare Bitch Central though.

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I plan to buy all of Ukraine for 1 BTC this year.

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>even add 1% to economy
>In a conversation with RIA Novosti, the European Parliament deputy from Latvia, Andrei Mamykin, confirmed: "The dependence of all three Baltic states on EU money is fatal, but the most financially dependent of the Baltic states is Latvia." In 2017, its annual budget is eight billion euros, of which one billion - assistance from the EU.

Butthurtbelt calculations at their finest.

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>Andrei Mamykin

Trash statement

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It will collapse immediately when Great Powers decide so. Until this it continues to rot spreading corruiption and deseases in neighbouring countries


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These are all small numbers. Meanwhile Russia is getting huge money just from oil and gas and has been getting it for decades. It is still a fucked up shithole. You know why? Because Russians suck. You are nigger losers.

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>not knowing difference between GDP and state budget
typical russian

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As trashy as
>European Parliament

but i hope you get the picture.

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Rooster trolls get into EU parliament from Latvia because there are shitloads of bydlo Russian immigrants voting for them. After that their job is to shit on Latvia in Russian media and represent Kremlin interests. Nothing respectable about any of this.

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>University degree in Russian language and literature

>In the year 1996, he started working as a journalist in the newspaper, and then worked in the newspaper Chas, Subbota. [2] In 2002, he began working for TV5, where he directed the program "Without Censorship" [2], who gave him a job in 2013 [3]. From 2006 to 2008, he was a Radio SWH + news officer and was Head of the Russian Radio News Service for 2009-2010 [4]. In 2013 he launched the program "Without Censorship" on the TV channel of Ren TV Baltija [3].

>In 2014 he was nominated for the European Parliament elections from the "Harmony" party list. He won one of the eight mandates given to Latvia in the European Parliament [5].

>In December 2016, along with the Russian Federation and two other Members of the European Parliament, he visited Syria where he met with the head of state and visited the Russian military base. [6]

Only Russian idiots would take anything from his mouth serious

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>This butthurt from Baltoshit leeches

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Be Russian buthurt that created this thread to hide this >>43465358
Call someone else buthurt because you cant win single argument against him

10/10 89IQ Russian

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>1\10 of budget consists from EU subsizes
>not butthurt

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I do realise that your ministry of propaganda did a pretty good job on you, but you will realise what is what, when in 2020 will they stop all their financial support to priebalts, kurwas and other fag-foggers.

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I made an OC. Neighbours of Belgium may proceed to get their asses blasted.

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I invested in hryvnias because they're cheap now so I believe the rate will bounce back soon.

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Per capita Poland gets less than Latvia.

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now make map with values per capita, as lump sums are meaningless since there are huge size differences between countries

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Also per capita Russia is a gas station.

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Don't bother explaining anything. Russters are stupid and will believe anything they want to be true, or they are afraid of to be true. We also had these 'journalists' which were portrayed as experts in Russian media, one of them got killed one hour before Putin's annual speech towards serfs, and this information was delivered to Putin during live performance so he could comment on this.
Such is faith of useful idiots.

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>also when nord stream2 will be open, russia just stop use their pipe and they will lose 2bln transit moni and pay for russian gas
It's never happen because Ukraine is going to sell our pipe to European companies

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Wow,is Петушарий dead?

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European scrap metal companies?

leelkennedy Avatar

> worse than Moldova

How it's even possible? Ukraine is much more industrialized than Moldova, it must have higher wages.

aluisio_azevedo Avatar


Russia is a miserable shithole only able to produce oil and gas. Nothing works in Russia. People there are incredibly dumb brainwashed bydlo wallowing in their own shit.

damenleeturks Avatar

I was talking about:

Have no idea how Shariy is doing, I do not follow his shit and he is pretty much unknown on KC. Probably sosachers still discuss him.

carloscrvntsg Avatar

Not in 2018 mate

nehemiasec Avatar


At least we do something not just leeching on European money.

mat_stevens Avatar

All you do is leech Money from people like Leonid Mikhelson, Alexey Mordashov, Vladimir Lisin, Gennady Timchenko

You shit eating worthless peasant.

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Despite having all this oil and gas Russia manages GDP per capita at the levels of Brazil and Mexico. Losers!

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What's wrong with leeching money? Especially that most of Russians here are sonbaskets and live with parents.

marrimo Avatar

Per capita numbers

millinet Avatar

Leeching would imply that Germans/French etc. dont get anything in return.

While in reality they earn easy money from backs of East Europeans and just throw scraps back

wahidanggara Avatar


You're saying Poland's net receipts are between 100-200€ per capita a year!

How IQ81 the Poles have to be that they're not all millionaires there already?

scottgallant Avatar

>100-200 euros per year
Fucking lazy Germans, this must be a joke.
After what they did to us they should pay us at least 1000 euros per person per month.

herrhaase Avatar

>easy money from backs of East Europeans
>900k laborers in Latvia of shitty skills
>spend >750 million euros on them
Sky high profits

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Daily reminder that 85% of these EU funds come back to German companies anyway, so it is in fact a German self-funding

rohan30993 Avatar

Meanwhile last year Putin sold Baikal water to chinks, as well as some of the eastern land.

mandalareopens Avatar

You still get 3x times Greece allowance in absolute terms (and receive 3x less per pop, lel).
Anyway that shit's probably stolen by your politicians and cronies anyway, so they get 500+ euro per year while you get 0.

ayalacw Avatar

So the real leeches are southern European shithole yet everyone blames Poland for living on a dole. It's unfair.

chrstnerode Avatar

EU money doesn't work like that you moron. It's can be spent on infrastructure or other projects that were previously accepted by the European Commission. You don't just get money for everything you want.

kennyadr Avatar

Buttmad pshek put some ice in your bunghole before you roast alive.
>It's can be spent on infrastructure or other projects that were previously accepted by the European Commission.
Yes, I wonder who's gonna build and maintain them for EU funds, and how much they first have to offer to the politicians to get access to said projects.

You're like a little soyboy.

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>politicians get 500 euros per year

Wow, this money is indeed worth taking bribes.

ultragex Avatar

I think the rooster is able to do the simple calculations and he sees it is a tiny amount of money, but him knowing he is wrong doesn't mean he'll stop blathering his idiocy. That's not rooster way.

shalt0ni Avatar

All EU countries have unified public procurement laws and tenders are supervised by the EU. Corruption is impossible there. Most of infrastructure in Poland is built by western companies, not by Polish ones.

amboy00 Avatar

>Estonian can think in real time
Lel, I though AIDS kills an Estonian before he finishes an original thought.

mefahad Avatar


KC Russians are dumb like stone, even those on /pol are much smarter from what i noticed. Stop wasting time on "discussion" with local trolls

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If our politicians steal all the money, why is the minimum wage in Poland like 470€ while in Russia it's less than 100€, meanwhile the richest Pole would be only 29th richest person in Russia.

Bernd Avatar

Russian talking about aids. top kek

necodymiconer Avatar

>Corruption is impossible because laws
Yeah, and wars never happen because nobody wants to die.

Anyway its a thread about the UKR, not Eastern European wellfare holes. Fuck off and let the Ukraine talk.

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There is little corruption in Poland comparing to many European countries. We have lower corruption than Italy or Czechia.

jajodia_saket Avatar

It's a thread about people laughing at Russia being shit.

jqueryalmeida Avatar

The summ-up of the thread:
>♫Lies, they are telling wicked lies!♫
>russian paid shills!
>Last days of Russia, any minute now

Anything else that i haven`t noticed?

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Maybe ukraine could have a nice logistics industry, a good shipping industry or something along those lines.

Having to send things through greece and the balkans isn't the wisest, even slovenia is building a massive logistics hub due to this.

newbrushes Avatar

>West is so rich, it can afford buying whole countries
>Russia is mad
Nothing new here.

itskawsar Avatar

> it can afford buying whole countries
If only. Really buying Ukraine would be great, but instead West just gave cookies and grabbed Ukraine for that.

trickyolddog Avatar

Even though I hate Russia, I must admit that Ukrainians only lost because of maidan. Their currency's rate plummeted, Ukrainians have to work abroad to make a living, they lost a big part of their country and many people. Only Poroshenko gained from it.

chatyrko Avatar

Even though I love Poland I must admit that Poles only lost due to their stubbornness in the 30s. Their idiocy caused Poland to be destroyed and millions of Poles to be killed.

jqueryalmeida Avatar

At least Estonians were not stubborn.

kurafire Avatar

But this is true. Now most of our historians think that Poland should have allied with Hitler when he asked for it.

orkuncaylar Avatar


The cow does not ally with the farmer

christianoliff Avatar

Russian thread about
[] Russia
[x] Ukraine

fritzronel Avatar

It wasn't so bad tbh
Germany is kill/can't do shit
Got our clay back
Communism was worse than ww2

puzik Avatar

Poland became a cow only when it refused to ally with Germany and give them Danzig. It was stupid from the todays point of view but no one expected how brutal and disastrous the war would be.

marciotoledo Avatar

Ukraine is the only country in Europe whose GDP in 2018 is lower than in 1989.

bergmartin Avatar

>but no one expected how brutal and disastrous the war would be.
Actually it was obvious for everybody on planet. Thats why everybody was preparing.

pdugan19 Avatar

That should obviously be in the Guinness World Records.

Bernd Avatar

Now we got a whole shoreline
I don't see how that is bad

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GDP is a stupid metric. In 1989 you would wait hours before buying simple bread.

mugukamil Avatar

>What they will do?

Be best friends with America and have America sanction any company that buys Russian gas. Everyone will be forced to buy American and Russian suffering will increase faster than Ukrainian suffering. Meanwhile potato farms will expand and Ukraine will make money by investing in it's agricultural industry. Antonov will start building F-35s under license.

iqbalperkasa Avatar

Not really there never were problems with bread. But you would wait for many hours for potato or sugar ))))

stushona Avatar

Maybe not in Russia, because you leeched off of satellites

grrr_nl Avatar

But at least you could afford that bread. Nowadays most of Ukrainians can't

polarity Avatar

Russians genuinely think Russia improved those countries. while in reality it was the opposite because our Parents were feeding and clothing Russians.

>It was believed that all the documents were shipped back to kremlin (that it still hides and refuses to publish) yet now there are found. yet now they have been found and show all money spend in Latvian territory from Military budget to private investments. He is also now researching similar documents of Estonia and Lithuania that spent half a billion rubbles more each year on Cheka and army to suppress Lithuanian nationalism

>1946 to 1991

>Latvia gathered 85 Billion rubbles,
>to Latvian budget went 44,3 Billions
>and to SSSR went 40,6 Billions
>Then from this sum SSSR gave back 24,7 Billions.
>In total Latvia Gave 15,9 Billions more than it ever received yet no Soviet propaganda ever talked about it. Russians still >believe today that Soviet union gave us money.

>out of those 40.6 Billions that we gave only 7,3 came back to be invested in Infrastructure
>13,3 vent to local KGB, rest more or less spent on Russians who Latvians fed

>Papers got compared to SSSR central bank papers that are held at Moscow and confirmed that they are identical.
>Russian ambassador in Latvia refuses to talk about these findings. and according to him they don't prove anything. "Nu Documents, Documents there are all kinds, I myself these documents have not analyzed from different viewpoints, i wouldn't recommend analyzing these documents onesided"

bassamology Avatar

I even have proohs, that's a flier with a list of all the shit sent to USSR
From what they (Solidarnosc) managed to gather, because all the infa was classified and generally it's hard to find anything detailed

chris_frees Avatar

tl;dr - Moscow leeches from satellite states, uses this money to suppress these states and claims this was a great investment many years later.
The pidor essence of Russia never changes.

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Most of our historians claim that we should have allied with nazis. Poland would be much better off today if we did. Hitler wouldnt live forever. Our political elite made a crucial mistake by basing Polands policy on alliance with Brits and French. First ones had only strong navy that was useless from perspective of land-war in Poland, while Frenchmen invested so much money into Maginot Line that it was obvious that they wouldnt risk war against Germany. So despite being aware of the fact that these alliances existed only on paper, we refused all German offers. Thats why we paid highest possible price for it. If we allied ourselves with Germans, war would be waged only on territory of Soviet Union, not on our territory. Soviets didnt have any objections for allying themseves with nazis against us.

rangafangs Avatar

Nope, I'd rather kill Germans

suprb Avatar

We got fucked because of such idiots like you. Politics is a game of gangsters. Only smartest and strongest ones win. Poland should always ally with the strongest players who have a real military and economical ability to fulfil their obligations to us. The French and the British didnt have abilities to help us back then even if they wanted. British land army practically didnt exist, while Frenchmen applied a defensive strategy based on the Maginot Line. The problem with politicians is that whole nations pay for their stupidity

saarabpreet Avatar

Nope, I'd rather kill Germans
And Russians

georgedyjr Avatar

Well Germans didn't like it back there and fucked you over and gave to us.
Listen to your poolish brother, he's scummy, but not dumb.

jamesmbickerton Avatar

Today our geopolitical situation is radically different. It is no longer a choice between Russia, Germany and the UK. Today it is a choice between Germany/France, China and the USA. And i am pretty sure that our dumb politicians will make the dumbest choice possible again.

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