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/int/ 43467690: Poland is to blame for ww2

marcusgorillius Avatar

Poland blocked access to western territories for Soviet army to march and save Britain and France. Poland was willing to block Soviet troops even longer, even if ment destruction to themselves from German forces. Poland is the ultimate evil.

roybarberuk Avatar

Poland just wanted to snatch some territories from Czechoslovakia for themselves.

BillSKenney Avatar

>Poland just wanted to snatch some territories from Czechoslovakia for themselves.
Funny thing - poles are delusional enough to believe they are loved by Czechs, like, BFF's lol.

orkuncaylar Avatar

Wait, when did Slovakia allied with Chechnya?

amboy00 Avatar

But poles are Aryans. Why'd they have to let inferior races in their country?

danro Avatar

Is it your own fantasy or thats what they teach you in schools?

I heard its haram in Russia to talk how Russians and Nazis were allies

sava2500 Avatar

Nope, we know they dislike us.

alagoon Avatar

It's also haram for Latvian to remember that Latvians did the most to estabilish the communism.

jeremyworboys Avatar


>muh ebin soviet propaganda memes

katiemdaly Avatar

>create a totalitarian regime for a country
>we are a small independent country now!
>be upset when the regime came to you

eloisem Avatar

Well at least that totalitarian regime thought you how to read and write. under monarchy you would still be eating turnips with regular famines.

It's really funny how todays Russians envy monarchies of old.

millinet Avatar

Russians would probably be happier if they didnt need to go to schools. just watch kremlin TV all day

bagawarman Avatar

Why did poland sacrifice itself for germany?

m_kalibry Avatar

Just like Hésus, we sacrifice ourselves selflessly

artcalvin Avatar

Then you shouldn't be upset about said regime coming back to you.

Bernd Avatar

I will make sure that no russian will step on this ground in 30km range from me.

I can accept khohols. Maybe they are shits but at least have some honor sometimes.

i_ganin Avatar

> totalitarian regime for a country
I'm sorry for latvians they thought russia can be civilized.

greenbes Avatar

To progress we had to play with fire. Only debil Russian would willingly live in Dark feces infested cave.

okcoker Avatar

Well, hope then we will manage to bring you not softer 50s+communism, but the communism of 20-30s.

hibrahimsafak Avatar

Nice proofs.
Wanna bring me year -100500 when Latvians were still evolving from apes as a proof that Russians are superior?

You butthurt idiot "forgetting to mention" how literacy rates were skyrocketing in the latest imperial stages.