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/int/ 43521106: Should the United States attack Venezuela?

ayalacw Avatar

Should we? Does Venezuela need liberation? They fill the prerequisites:

-have oil
-gommunism D:

marshallchen_ Avatar

I am surprised we haven't liberated Venezuela already.

suribbles Avatar

Tbh I always wondered why it hasn’t happened

alv Avatar

>that fucking article

these god damn journo-kikes. Can we not go a day without blowing people up for money?

souperphly Avatar

Trump is going to start a war before 2020
North-Korea, Syria, Iran or Venezuela. It’s gonna be one of them

umurgdk Avatar

Even Lebanon is possible though the situation has seemed to have calmed down

jitachi Avatar

CIA is already there so no need.

wahidanggara Avatar

Iran first

christianoliff Avatar

Of course the USA will not attack Venezuela. USA onnly attacks true leftists, like USSR, Chile under Allende, Cuba, North Korea.
Vnezuela is social democracy. No different than Norway. Only they are incompetent and highly corrut.

aiiaiiaii Avatar

Venezuela is farther left than Snore. More industry is govt. owned (and was planned to become more and more govt. owned), the ideology in itself is proudly leftist and anti-capitalist/imperialist

karsh Avatar

their oil is shit though. only US plants are capable of refining it

mauriolg Avatar

didn't stop gas companies and their current middle eastern conquests

stevenfabre Avatar

>Should we?

No, if intervention must be conducted I think everyone would prefer it being done as a regional initiative through the OAS. Just do as Nigeria did in Liberia, get a sizable bloc together (not all but enough to lend it legitimacy), talk about an attack on wider regional security and force some extra-legal 'peacekeeping' decision through the body.

If you can build up enough support in the America's for it then everything will be fine. If not expect the biggest chimp-out in history and another generation of shitty Che wannabes will follow that will only cause more headaches down the road. Also, obviously you won't have public support for some time so while you wait keep profiting by pointing at the ongoing failure of Venezuela to discredit South American populism.

In short; play the long-game and destroy the ideology to resist. Then you swoop in and rebuild South America in your image without spending a penny.

Did you read the article?