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justinrhee Avatar

I never owned a smartphone so far but I'm going to need to have one in the near future. I have no idea what model to buy and why, though.
So pls casey, give me some input/recommendations about what smartphone to buy in the 200€ class.

mattsapii Avatar

geez, get with the times grandpa

madhan4uu Avatar

xiaomi redmi

bagawarman Avatar

Happy with my chinky Huawei P8 Lite.

oskamaya Avatar
oskamaya:#44265730 -> pick the one with the longest work time inside your price bracket

guischmitt Avatar

get an iphone you pleb

timgthomas Avatar

xiaomi a1

bruno_mart Avatar

google "best budget smartphones 2018"
read the reviews

layerssss Avatar
layerssss:#44265752 is a good one if you're not a girl with small hands.

enriquemmorgan Avatar

Oh and you can get it cheap in aliexpress. Don't overpay.

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emilioiantorno Avatar

>m-muh size

Nigger tier. I guess it checks out, since it's coming from an eastern european half-slav mischling.

solid_color Avatar

get an s8 or s9

no need to go budget for first smart phone

mat_stevens Avatar

iphone 4 has the perfect screen size and I'm saddened by the trend of bigger and bigger screens. 5-6" smartphones are still too small for anything that's not a dumbed-down cell phone app user interface, it's all pretty much wasted space and raw materials.

mat_stevens Avatar

> if you're not a girl with small hands

it's mostly girls that get phablets since there's not much difference between using phablet with 2 hands and normal sized phone with 2 hands.

mhwelander Avatar


moto G5 is one of the best mid range phones out there. go for it.
Stay away from sony. t Sonygger

layerssss Avatar

secconding What The schluchtenscheisser says. Superior build quality for the price . IT even has a removable battery.

aaronstump Avatar

I don't want to spend 500€ on a phone

>xiaomi a1

That's what I'm tending towards. I just wanted to have some Bernd input :3

>Stay away from sony

Why? back in the day I liked their mobile phones more than Nokia and Siemes that basically everyone had.

mattsapii Avatar

any oneplus, flash lineageOS on it and you are good to go

adriancogliano Avatar

Your butthurt is overflowing.

Large screens are nice and the modern phones are light anyway (this one is only 181g) so the only way it can have drawbacks is if you are a small person as you can't easily carry it in your pocket or use it.

Normal sized male can easily put the large screen phone into his pocket, but a tiny man or a girl can't.

tjisousa Avatar


They're overpriced. Sony's current flagship, the Xperia X is just an overpriced mid range phone and the cameras are all inferior to other phones. The only thing they have going for them is the design

surajitkayal Avatar

>girls putting phones on their pockets
you don't go out much, do you

subtik Avatar

I've just bought xiaomi a1 and it's fucking awesome.
It has pure android(android one) it gets updates directly from google. So it has android 8 and soon would get android 9.
Specs are great too.
And it's cheap.

xravil Avatar

>it's fucking awesome

I think you overstate your budget chinkphone.

syntetyc Avatar

I have a nice 165cm gf with small hands and she says my phone would be uncomfortable for her. It would also be uncomfortable for a male child.

If you actually want to use your phone for the smartphone features then the extra screen size makes it so much better and OP wrote that he needs it to be a smartphone for some reasons.

tjisousa Avatar

It's awesome for a price. What are other options with pure android btw? Without touchwiz etc

stushona Avatar

Also op asked "in the 200€ class.".

judzhin_miles Avatar

Depends what for.
Do you need a good camera or no.
Are you ok with screen buttons or no.
I would probably buy now Xiaomene 4X (Note 4X if you want a shovel) because I don't like their recent design "improvements"

>MIUI is clearly better than clean android and one of the biggest pluses of Xiaomi phones
>let's buy Xiaomi with a clean Android #YOLO

itsracine Avatar

pixel shit obviously. pure android fetish is degenerate though.

he did, and a1 is best budget phone. this budget shit still does not inspire awe.

ionuss Avatar

Apple iphone, whatever model you can afford.

Braindead OS, even the most retarded of retards can use one. Even morons like yourself.
USA spying device, you know that every single thing you do is logged and reported directly to the US government, no need to worry about which foreign government is harvesting your data.
Highly restrictive. Won't let you download dumb apps that will brick your phone, won't let you change any settings that'll brick your phone.
Good battery life.

silv3rgvn Avatar

I had miui before that one and no clean android is better. At least android 8.
Before it lacked some features.

mj_berthelsen Avatar

>budget chinkphone
a nokia 3310 was roughly 100Eur when it was launched and it was a fine phone for its time. it's incredible how people now think 200Eur is "budget" for a cellphone.

steynviljoen Avatar


>MIUI is clearly better than clean android

How so?

rohan30993 Avatar

my co-worker bought note 4x. it's similar to a1 except inferior in every regard.
> good camera
no budget phone has a good camera

areus Avatar

Huawei P8 lite

velagapati Avatar

no smartphone has a good camera. they all have sensors which are too small for taking quality pictures, so it's a moot point.

bergmartin Avatar

>Android 5.0.2 (Lollipop), upgradable to 6.0 (Marshmallow)

sounds a bit obsolete

robinlayfield Avatar

>I need the latest version botnet
for what purpose

betraydan Avatar

security bugs would make you a part of the russian botnet, as well

marshallchen_ Avatar

But some have slightly better ones, some mediocre and some potato-tier cameras.

danro Avatar

I assume newer Android versions come with improved usability and functionality, also >>44266197.
So if I have to spend money I think it's preferable to spend it on something that's in line with recent upgrades for another 2-3 years?

safrankov Avatar

Then take Huawei Mate SE

tereshenkov Avatar

I was recommended Moto g5s plus and Honor 7x for me mum

danro Avatar

Huawei has usually very good build quality for the price. I bught a budget Huawei tablet for my mother last year. But the Huawei Mate 10 Lite is outside of my price range.

Thanks everyone, overall Bernds helped me a lot, it's going to be the xiaomi a1.

murrayswift Avatar

yeah g5 is breddy good
there are also g5s with NFC and g5/g5s plus with dual camera and 5.5 display
stay away from overpriced fancy Z series and dull cheap C
t. moto appreciator

oaktreemedia Avatar


do the new motos also have that flash when you close the screen?

ah_lice Avatar

nah but hellomoto boot sound still here

madebyvadim Avatar

It's awesome only on paper. In real use and comparsion to others xiaomi are pure chinkphones.