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/int/ 44265985: BBC Troy: Fall of a City flops

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The BBC's £16 million bonkbuster Troy: Fall of a City has lost out to ITV's The Voice in the Saturday night ratings war, despite attempting to thrill viewers with an inter-racial threesome

The Saturday night prime-time drama, which follows the steamy love affair between Paris (Mahmoud Hakeem Kae-Kazim) and Helen (Bella Dayne) during the Trojan War, has seen overnight ratings tumble from an average of 3.2million in episode one to just 1.6m in episode four.

It comes despite producers hoping the eight-part series, which is also a co-production with streaming-giant Netflix, would rival Game of Thrones.

One TV insider said: “Everyone thought Troy would be a huge hit – especially given the amount of money that the BBC pumped into it.

“But ratings have been bleak and the fact so many people have turned off is very telling.

“It’s pretty embarrassing for everyone involved given BBC producers made the decision to place it in the primetime Saturday night slot at 9pm which is used to seeing ratings of well over five million.”

The disastrous ratings come after the BBC revealed plans to reinvent Saturday night TV by replacing family-friendly entertainment with big-budget dramas.

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>its the German who rushes to BBCs defense

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Should of forced muslims instead of niggers.

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that's bitter

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It's not because of black actors, but because is show is shit and only that it can offer is black actors.

t. lover of some niggas comedies.

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>THE BBC’s £16 million bonkbuster Troy: Fall of a City has been branded a massive waste of cash after pulling in an audience of just 1.6m viewers.
Massive waste of tax payer's cash

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did you see the episode? is there really "inter-racial threesome"?

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Oh! What a wonderful idea!
At first we need a series about the Chris were she would be Black and Muslim at that! And lesbian!
That's much diversity!

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£10 per one viewer not bad

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Use the catalogue you dumb Mongol.

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That's as much as my monthly cable subscription. And I get 80 channels for it.

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what... the... fuck....

Brits explain yourselves

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>with an inter-racial threesome
The itner racial threesome was between Achilles, Patroclus, and Brises.
The following images are the actor for Achilles, Patroclus, and Brises.

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Doesn't matter if its a shit show, bad pacing, bad actors, boring camerawork and so on. Literally all it has going for it is the 'diverse' cast. Its just subpar in every respect.

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this is how ancient greece looked like

and its beautiful

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pretty fucked up, they could have used a swarthy woman but went for a very white one with a very sympathetic face.

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>Massive waste of tax payer's cash

really blows your mind when you dare to think for a second what tax payer money is wasted on doesn't it?

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Good. Fuck BBC, fuck leftists.

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Gay BBC Niggers kiss after cr4eampieng Greek Goddess Aphrodite

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My version of the Iliad must have missed a few pages.

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This is not going to harm the BBC. The BBC doesn't have to worry about funding.
Also, consider that they more people that exist in the UK, the more money it gets, and you can see why it pushes heavily for immigration.

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To be fair, it wasn't Aphrodite they fucked but Brises, who is jut a minor Queen.
However, in this series, Zeus is a super black negro actor. And Hera, who is his wife, is a white woman.

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That simply means that not only the actors, but the director, cameramen, key grips etc were diversity hires, too.

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Actually it was very common for gay black Africans to impregnate white greek women

BBC is on the right here

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Ancient Greeks were black. You are mistaken.

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>As a retelling of Homer's trojan cycle, it's not perfect. However it's easily the best attempt I've seen in cinematic history. From the portrayal of gods as primal and mysterious, to the attempts to really stay true to the myth it creates a big atmosphere of tension and makes you fascinated to keep watching despite probably already knowing how it's all going to end. It loses a couple of points because the characterisation is less than perfect (Paris IMO is too sympathetic, and Hector is less sympathetic than he should be, but how know how it'll go). Immensely looking forward to the later episodes

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This woman has spent her entire career denigrating the Classics. You have to wonder why she even went to study it, and it seems from her pronouncements it was because she wanted to piss off male classics professors.

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xD that cast pic isnt a joke

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Imagine being a Brit, all porn is banned so you have to wank it to a inter-racial scene in some BBC Blacked drama series

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>With all my strength I try to not spot an elephant before my very eyes.
English are cattle, stupid obedient untermenchen.

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so they replaced family friendly entertainment with boring show about European mythology which if it had any appeal to anyone would be white male nerds/bernds but they even drove them away by replacing all the gods with niggers and inserting an interracial threesome.

I really do hope they can understand why people despise the media and think there is some kind of degenerate kike agenda being pushed to brainwash people and insult western culture.

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>very white

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Feminists approved.

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Young girls crave the bbc.

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ripped black men killing white manlets, it's hot!

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Why is there always massive backlash when actors are "whitewashed"

but not when this happens? Do whites like being replaced more?

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Also on their website now there's almost no blacks on screenshots, lol.

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>Gay BBC Niggers kiss after cr4eampieng Greek Goddess Aphrodite
Lel guess that's turns even off most of the black male viewership.

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It used to be different?

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Does anyone know if BBC has some internal rule to have some X amount of blacks in every series BBC produces?

It seems like organized effort, not just coincidence

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Yes, although it might not be a rule, but rather the placement of those with sympathies to certain thoughts. I know that there has to be 1 woman on every panel show though.

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Never assume anything BBC does is accidental, all they do is with purpose. It is the oldest and best propaganda machine in the world. Its just that they don't serve British public but British elite.

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How could an interracial threesome fail on the UK?

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> Do whites like being replaced more?
It seems there's something wrong in white DNA, I can't explain this other way.

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BBC makes stupid over the top costume dramas all the time that no one likes. Brits are generally shit at making dramatic TV for some reason.

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> not just coincidence
It's called cohencidence

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funny thing is there is actually a black character in the real Iliad and a very real excuse to have black actors. Memnon, king of Ethiopia brought soldiers to help defend Troy because according to legend, he was descended from a union of Eos and a Trojan Prince.

But that's not good enough, we have to make the hero of the Greeks and their god black. Stop blackwashing Med history you fucking subhuman nordshits.

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>The BBC's £16 million bonkbuster Troy: Fall of a City has lost out to ITV's The Voice in the Saturday night ratings war, despite attempting to thrill viewers with an inter-racial threesome

good, good

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When I was younger people taught me that BBC News was "the most impartial news source out there".

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They will never be us, so they want us to be negros instead.

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Socialists. A Greek socialist would do the same with the same amount of funding, which you know.
Also, Memnon was white. 'Union of a Trojan prince and Eos,' I don't see any black people there.
His army would have been black though.

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>most liked by young women
>most hated by adult men


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I've always wondered is there a generation of Brits who actually think Romans, Brits and ancient Europeans were black from all the BBC stuff saying they were? In America a lot of black people think they are Egyptians and native Americans.

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why does the BBC push so hard for Sub Sarahan africans in Europe but not Muslims in Ancient Europe?

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Memnon wuz black. His mother was a goddess and decided to give birth to a black child. It's all true.

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Because they are their favorite group

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Accordign to SJW brown people are white, while jews are not.

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can it really flop if BBC is financed by british taxes anywya?