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>Before Amazon and big box stores came to dominate entire industries, a small business owner in retail could generate a personal income anywhere from $70K to a few million dollars, hire 2-100+ employees, and purchase goods at wholesale from warehouses that also employed workers and had private owners. Now, most of that has been replaced by mass hordes of $12 an hour wage-slaves working in hundreds of warehouses under the ownership of one man. Amazon has destroyed those small businesses and left the owners with no choice except to sell on Amazon as merchants (vendors) until they eventually get replaced by Amazon’s own inventory or their own in-house product. On top of that, they take a substantial cut of the profit and the vendors must sell merchandise at unsustainable low prices. I actually know and worked for people that had stores on Amazon. They all failed and lost a lot of money, I'm talking $200K down the drain. What happens is usually happens is you invest money into your own inventory, compete with 10 other sellers at unsustainable prices, ship at your expense every time, until you begin to starve and have no choice but to sell off your inventory to the Amazon warehouse for pennies on the dollar. Then it's sorry sucker! Thanks for the free labor and practically free inventory!

end of American dream

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You have been misinformed my Not-Even-Mediocre-Korea friend

this in fact is the american dream. for jeff bezos of course

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>America becoming a corporate shithole
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