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/int/ 44266373: How did today go for you, bernd? I exercised more th...

mat_walker Avatar

How did today go for you, bernd?

I exercised more than normal and now am quite tired.

karalek Avatar

The day just started for me though. I have a feeling that I will spent it by shitposting.

jehnglynn Avatar

A day to spent well, then!

bagawarman Avatar

What kind of exercises did you make?

itskawsar Avatar

Laid in bed all day. Did nothing.

jajodia_saket Avatar

Walking and biking.

chanpory Avatar

Biking is really nice. I'm really looking forward for it to get warmer outside again so I can do this too.
Did your ride anywhere specific?

melvindidit Avatar

_(:€__| /__)__~

I slept most of the day. I proceeded to be fat and play vidya instead of going to the gym or doing my labs for school. I work tomorrow but someone offered to cover my shift and I think I might take am up on it just cause I don't feel like doing anything tomorrow. Idk. I feel like I'm falling onto a rut again and I need to fix this soon. Also I should work cause I need monies . Well see what happens. Oyasumi berundo kuns.

christianoliff Avatar

No, I just wanted to get some more intensive exercise in. I get too nervous to go mountain biking or anything.

doronmalki Avatar

Fell asleep at 5am on the edge of psychosis, woke up to another day of glorious shitposting on the kc

artcalvin Avatar

ok ok. I always have problems with just aimlessly riding around. I need to have a specific goal I want to reach. It can be as simple as the chruch in the next town or a nice places secluded place where I know I can take rest :3
>I get too nervous
What's there to get nervous about?

jehnglynn Avatar

I went for a motorcycle ride. In traffic some idiot cut me off, merged into my lane without indicating or anything. Then later at the lights some tradie pulled up beside me and asked if I was okay and then he had a little rant about dickheads on the road. He said he'll send his dashcam footage in because he is sick of such cunts doing this shit.

Its nice to know someone else is out there looking out for the community.

m_kalibry Avatar

Biking into other people, losing balance, such things. There's not really any cute towns to ride into either.

garethbjenkins Avatar

Merger sounds like a dick, I'm glad he got caught out.

herkulano Avatar

You are so gay