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joeymurdah Avatar

We're fucked. There isn't even enough clay in the solar system.

iamsteffen Avatar

There's never enough of clay.

Russian proverb

likewings Avatar

Well yes, Earth is the biggest solid planet in solar system.

bobwassermann Avatar

Who gives le fuck about space?

raquelwilson Avatar

If we sent the niggers to the moon, we could double the available land

canapud Avatar

>colonizing planets
IQ89 idea

jitachi Avatar

I want to escape and live somewhere free from niggers and slavs

kiwiupover Avatar

That's actually pretty decent.

guischmitt Avatar

Before we have filled the solar system up we will have figured out interstellar travel.

ryanmclaughlin Avatar

What about if all people would live as densely as average in Mongolia?

kennyadr Avatar

The tech that is needed for interstellar travel also gives us the ability to build a dyson swarm.

tereshenkov Avatar

I vote the worlds population all live in one city as dense as Paris,and then we detonate all our nukes on it.

kriegs Avatar

How much of the land on Earth is actually used? How much would be used, if we built farms, roads and houses in skyscraper-tall stacks? How much if we also built underground? There's room for trillions of people just on this planet, and for trillions more in the rest of the Solar system. And finally you could just mine all the planetary material and built artificial habitats out of it.

craighenneberry Avatar

Nobody wants to live in a human be hive,we aren't insects. We want our own large house with a large yard acres big maybe.

hoangloi Avatar

All biosphere (soils, forests and oceans) can feed with most efficiency about 12 billions humans. That means if there would be more people the nature wouldn't be able to restore itself.
But we also need to have some nature contaminated and some biosphere consumed for industry, to we be civilized. That made the max limit lower.
Even now we haven't enough time to the soils restoration and we are closing to limit of the forests restoration.

So, little more curry-niggers, chinks, niggers and muslims and we would have to choose who we must kill. And if we kill all whites there wold be of no helps.

rahmeen Avatar

The limiting factor for the population is waste heat, not space.

i3tef Avatar

Farming can be done artificially, all of it, without use of natural soils. We have technology for that even now, it just makes no economic sense. You could even synthesize nutrients directly, theoretically.
This episode illustrates the concept better

mugukamil Avatar

Venus would be ok if we'd nuclear bomb it to shit and then find a way to somehow get rid of radiation.

chaabane_wail Avatar

Westerners maybe, but slavs and asians seem to be content living in their human hives.

RussellBishop Avatar

The Ecumenopolis episode references quite a lot of stuff from the Arcologies video.

suprb Avatar

Roosters are occupying and not using huge amount of clay. Just kill those retards and you get fucktons of clay.

p_kosov Avatar

Lol nope

We are starting to land on Moon and Mars this century. Stable colonization next century, and other planest too in the following centuries.

But we have shit for energy for longer travels. Even now we stuggle to get a small satellite somewhere further away than Mars. We need at least type 1 cilivization to get enough energy to do anything on larger scale.

Then we might start to think interstellar travel. It's true that we might send some probes to other stars in following centuries, but they will also take hundreds of years to reach them. Interstellar travel of humans is not going to happen during this millenium. Maybe next.

arashmanteghi Avatar

For that we need concentrated chemicals and breed needed strains of bacteria.
It's alike of case of synthetic clothing which eventually contaminated environment even more than 'hideous' 'bloody-skin wearing'.
If we became at fullest make food on artificial soils we kill the planet's biosphere even quicker.
Second Principe of Thermodynamic extended not only on dynamic bun on systems of highest periods efficiency either.

herrhaase Avatar

There's plenty of clay, too many people.

linux29 Avatar

It doesn't matter what the limiting factor is. We already have too many people. Whats the point of 8 billion people?We should probably never go over a billion or even 500 million.

chanpory Avatar

>interstellar travel
How low IQ are you retards? We might be able to go 10% of the speed of light within the next 100 years but going faster than that is unlikely.

roybarberuk Avatar

We need people to build our shitty goods. Once we have robots good enough to do all of those things the governments will begin secretly sterilizing populations, don't worry the government hates you.

keyuri85 Avatar

We're gonna bend the space.

smaczny Avatar

And why they don't sterilize niggers now?

adammarsbar Avatar

You mean western governments? Because they're decaying monstrosities. They'll be gone within this century. Our Chinese Cyborg Overlords will be the single government of humanity.

antongenkin Avatar

>We might be able to go 10% of the speed of light
Which is enough if we are able to vastly expand lifespans or build Multi-Generation-Ships.

ovall Avatar

If we harvested Mars rock to make habitable space stations or whatever would it ruin is orbit and send it flying off?

sava2500 Avatar

>Whats the point of 8 billion people?
More people = more people writing about the industrial output of the Ottoman Empire.
Also more scientists and musicians and shit

herkulano Avatar

Space habitats arranged in a Dyson swarm will have orders of magnitude more livable area than a mere Earth.

subburam Avatar

Using rocks that are already in space (e.g. the asteroid belt) is a better approach.

ggavrilo Avatar

Interstellar generational ships are possible with current tech, but are utterly expensive and nobody bothers.

mbilderbach Avatar

This isn't even fedora tipping,it's a fact.

We are talking about a long time in the future thousands of years. So maybe they have cryonics
or some other form of hibernation that could keep people alive on the long trip. The closest star is only 4 light years away, many stars are relatively close by.

langate Avatar

The USA can always declare war on the planet Jupiter until it agrees to adopt democracy and become inhabitable to human life.

syntetyc Avatar

Every malthusian should kill himself. That's in line with their philosophy anyway.

armcivor Avatar

Having cryonics is basically the same tech as expending lifespans indefinitely. So if you have cryonics, you don't really need it.

terpimost Avatar

In this thread:
>wotating habitats and miwwows

irsouza Avatar

Cryogenics would not work. None of the materials we have or will likely have even 100 years from now will withstand thousands of years of cosmic radiation without needing repair and maintenance.

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n1ght_coder Avatar


Don't make me kill you bernd,I don't want to do it!But you're leaving me no choice!!!

BillSKenney Avatar

If you have the ability to repair all damage to a human body and reboot the brain (which is needed for cryogenics), you can use the same tech to just expand the lifespan indefinitely.

souperphly Avatar

Every Christmas is like Thursday.

nehemiasec Avatar

No point in worrying about a problem like that when we haven't even left Earth yet. We could spend thousands of years just working on Mars and that's the easiest planet to put people on.

*I guess the Moon would be the easiest but nobody wants to live on the moon.

joshuapekera Avatar

Again, building habitats in space is much easier than to colonize a planet. There is nothing valuable on Mars. We don't even know if Mars' gravity is strong enough for humans to live there.

chatyrko Avatar

But they'll drop the colonies on Earth and we don't have gundams to stop them.

davidcazalis Avatar

>Breaking News 70 million people died when their giant coke bottle broke down.

>a kebab blew himself up and vented everyone into space

>There is nothing valuable on Mars

What kind of statement is that, of course there is.

>We don't even know if Mars' gravity is strong enough for humans to live there.

It's close enough,I guess we'll find out.

jpotts18 Avatar

>Breaking News 70 million people died when their giant coke bottle broke down.
Who cares if you have a trillion humans orbiting the sun. Coke cans are gonna be new school shootings.

hibrahimsafak Avatar

>a kebab blew himself up and vented everyone into space
You have the same problem on Mars.
And you need a fucking huge hole to vent everyone in space.

>Breaking News 70 million people died when their giant coke bottle broke down.
Same problem on Mars

>of course there is.
Like what? Also, everything on Mars lies in a huge gravity well.

>It's close enough
Says who? Elon Musk?

a_harris88 Avatar

Solution: don't take kebabs with you to space.

sokaniwaal Avatar

Also Mars is completely covered in radioactive dust.

So life is possible only in tunnels. But we can live in tunnels on earth and many orders of magnitude cheaper, even in case of a major disaster that renders the surface uninhabitable.

Basically we rolled a solar system that's not much good for anything. We don't really have a stepping stone between orbital stations and interstellar travel.

kinday Avatar

> Basically we rolled a solar system that's not much good for anything.

We have rolled the only system that to our current knowledge contains intelligent life.

joemdesign Avatar

And what system is that?

pehamondello Avatar

Any system we might have rolled would have contained intelligent life in the form of us

That's like saying everyone is super lucky because their daddy's sperm found an egg unlike millions that didn't

lisakey1986 Avatar

Vênus isn't being there is it

pjnes Avatar

A system with a star small enough to not burn too fast, but big enough that the habitable zone is far enough away from the worst impacts of solar wind. Also, a star that is freakishly stable with little to no flares.
A system far away from the hot galactic center.
A system with enough heavy elements to form rocky planets.
A system with multiple planets on stable orbits.
A system without a hot Jupiter, but a system with a cold Jupiter that deflects most asteroids. A planet with a moon that stabilizes our orbit. A planet with enough gravity to trap enough water and atmosphere, but not too heavy to trap too much water that would cover the whole planet. A planet with a magnetosphere. A planet with plate tectonics, so the land does not get completely eroded.

horaciobella Avatar

>That's like saying everyone is super lucky because their daddy's sperm found an egg unlike millions that didn't

No, it is like saying that we got super lucky because our sperm found an egg while all other sperms would have been cripples and died.

vikashpathak18 Avatar

>You have the same problem on Mars.

No you don't, Mars structures don't have to all be connected together.

>Same problem on Mars
No Mars would be getting constant resupplies from Earth until it's big enough to be permanently self sufficient.

>Like what?
It could be terraformed to be just like Earth over enough time.

>Says who? Elon Musk?

No body knows for sure,living there will be the only way to find out. People know this and are willing to try anyway because they believe it will be fine.

Anyway I don't see why you are so against it.People are really working on going to Mars now,nobody is working on building space habitats.

oanacr Avatar

> No you don't, Mars structures don't have to all be connected together.
What has that to do with anything? Why do you think rotating habitats have to be connected? You could build millions of these things.

>No Mars would be getting constant resupplies from Earth until it's big enough to be permanently self sufficient.
Again, what? Why can't the habitats not be resupplied? Which could also be way closer to Earth?

>It could be terraformed to be just like Earth over enough time.

Do you have any idea how much resources, time and energy you need to even terraform a small portion of mars? Even with thousands of spaceships that would dwarf the biggest ships on earth you would need thousands of years to bring in even a small amount of the resources you need to terraform Mars.
If you have this huge armada of freakin gigantic ships and the ludicrous amount of power, why not just live on the ships?

>living there will be the only way to find out.
IQ89. Having a rotating habitat would be the ideal way to find it out.

>People are really working on going to Mars now, nobody is working on building space habitats.
Because people like you underestimate the challenges of terraforming. And no, there are a few concepts for rotating habitats.
Terraforming would be a huge task even for a K1.5-Civ.

I am not saying that we will never terraform Mars, but i am sure as hell that the majority of people live in rotating habitats before we even start the task.

rcass Avatar

And as always, there are excellent videos by Isaac Arthur on terraforming and colonizing Mars:

johnriordan Avatar

ITT: People who haven't watched enough Isaac Arthur

You people are not KC tier and you will never be KC tier. Go lick a hookers minge or something.

adriancogliano Avatar

>ITT: People who haven't watched enough Isaac Arthur
I certainly feel like it, is there a secret stash of additional videos besides his channel so I can watch enough videos?

clubb3rry Avatar

Just watch from the beginning again, miniscule brains cannot properly absorb all the KC tier information in one simple viewing.

safrankov Avatar

Also, spend fridays to wednesdays playing Kerbal Space Program while waiting to watch the new episode 15 times in a row.

oskamaya Avatar

A wise advise, I'll get me some snacks and coffee too.

trueblood_33 Avatar

I prefer to read Alastair Reynolds instead, then I'll start the Foundation.

iqbalperkasa Avatar

When some guy thinks we should hurry up and start to ruin another planet before we ruin this planet.

yassiryahya Avatar

> ruin another planet
How to ruin mars? It is completely inhabitable. There is literally nothing we can do to make it worse.