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Tillerson also fired. Whats going on :DDD

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Mike Pompeo, Director of the CIA, will become our new Secretary of State. He will do a fantastic job! Thank you to Rex Tillerson for his service! Gina Haspel will become the new Director of the CIA, and the first woman so chosen. Congratulations to all

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Yesterday Tillerson sided with UK in blaming Russia responsible for using nerve agent killing one of their old spooks in UK. Today Tillerson gets fired. Nothing to see here :3

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>Tillerson blames Russia for poisoning
>Immediately fired
WW3 is cancelled. Trump would never go to war against Pootin.

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I just googled Tillerson and saw he's only 1,78m (!). Why did Trump think employing such a manlet? I hope Pompeo is taller.

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Trump do his job.
What is wrong with it?

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>Whats going on

They're all so tired of winning they leave for more difficult jobs. Turns out making america great again was super easy after all.

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that orange laughing stock is probably worse than an african president

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He's starting to remind me of Sultan Dogman.

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>"The Secretary did not speak to the President and is unaware of the reason..."

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What a fucking trainwreck the Trump administration is. It's unbelievable

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>Tillerson criticized Russia. That wasn't part of Trump/Putin's arrangement.


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Everyone is waiting on Russia to collapse yet the American government has been crumbling for 2 years now.

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Fake news
Trump created J-O-B-S

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I'm starting to get the feeling that Trump just really loves firing people. I mean, he even made an entire TV show about him firing people.

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The CIA are taking an unusually prominent role in government these days. It does not bode well.

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>Gina Haspel will become the new Director of the CIA, and the first woman so chosen.

"As a clandestine officer at the Central Intelligence Agency in 2002, Gina Haspel oversaw the torture of two terrorism suspects and later took part in an order to destroy videotapes documenting their brutal interrogations"

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She ran the CIA blacksite in Thailand.

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All that happened was that an Exxon CEO was replaced with a literal CIA plant. If anything this is a net positive for Trump because now the CIA more or less control his foreign policy.


Pompeo himself blames Russia too:

>Russian President Vladimir Putin’s claim that the Russians charged with meddling in American elections aren’t connected to the Kremlin is “false,” the director of the CIA said Sunday.

In other words the Russiaphobia will increase and be far harder and more intense. Pompeo has literally suggested the US send infantry to Syria and Ukraine, because his CIA is already working there and needs help. He also doesn't like China and wants more money poured into the military since he doesn't like diplomacy, this is probably where Tillerson disagreed with the President the most.

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For a guy who boasted how effective as an administrator he is... his staff have an horrendous turn round rate. What a pathetic administration.
We should bet in one of those english betting houses how long the Trump's foreign minister will last.

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it's revenge for "fuging moron"

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As if that matters, Trump already won by getting a conservative supreme court, getting tax cuts, and tariffs.

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He will just hurl US in a stupid trade war which he can't "win".

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Tillerson was a russiaboo and originally part of the Bannon-Flynn-Tillerson Russia sympathizing policy before the media/deep state destroyed any chance of normalizing relations.

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You got that completely backwards, there's no way Trump could plausibly loose a trade war. The more tariffs other countries impose on us, the more he can impose on others. More jobs come back to swing states (MI, WI, MI, OH, PA) and he gets more support there, giving him more votes in Congress and a second term.

There is literally no way for him to loose from a trade war, because the harder other countries go the more support Trump gets domestically. He knows this and it's why he's shit at everything else, he can afford to be so long as he is right on trade.

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>tax cuts
Only if you're an oligarch. What wondrous things will the regular folks spend with their extra $20 per year I wonder?
Suddenly, thousands laid off in steel dependant industries

Only winning!

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Bush Sr was literally the head of the CIA

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So how will this affect the whole CIA/Pentagon rivalry?

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>More jobs come back to swing states (MI, WI, MI, OH, PA)
Or alternatively, as the price of materials increses, companies start laying off staff to cut costs. Also, with a hyper-inflation wave about to hit the US, there couldn't be a worse time for a trade war.

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I remember when he first hired Tillerson and all the Trumptards shilled so hard for him, saying an oil executive was totally not a stupid idea for Secretary of State.

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Trumptards have no shame, they will relentlessly shill for whatever Trump does. Taking guns with no due process? Fine. Reversing on that? Fine. Wall with Mexico? Fine. No wall with Mexico? 5D chess.

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I'm making about an extra $700/yr because of Trump's tax cut. And by removing the Individual Mandate I'll make 2% more (about $2,000) since I will no longer be paying the Obamacare penalty. My parents are saving about $8,000/yr since they file jointly. That's enough money to get people to care.

>Suddenly, thousands laid off in steel dependant industries

Like what? Auto manufacturing already left for Mexico. Life can't get much worse for people in the midwest, which is where Trump is able to work his angle.

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Haspel is the gal who "tortured some folks" :3
There is always money in the Banana Stand.

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I doubt you're an "average American" though.

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So then more materials extraction comes back to the US, meaning more jobs. The end-users who buy these products inside big blue cities will tolerate the price increases since they don't get a choice in the matter. Again Trump can't loose from this, at least not in a way that has consequences for him. The harder the trade war fought, the harder and broader his base becomes.

It's master politicking, even if it's subpar economics.

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I make about $100,000/yr and I own a home. I'm pretty average.

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Yep. You have no idea how annoying it is to share a country with these tools.

Learn the difference between “loose” and “lose” it’s basic English you fucking moron.

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There will be no "base" for Trump/GOP after midterms.

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>So then more materials extraction comes back to the US
Highly unlikely. To do that you need to have investors willing to invest. To be willing to invest they have to be sure there's a good return coming. Which given the fact investors know there's a hyperinflation wave coming, seems vanishingly unlikely.

Also, a tariff war doesn't mean supplies are cut off. It means that the other side edges the price up to a point where the stuff gets more expensive but still not expensive enough to give someone room to make money from investing in loal production. The people doing this aren't stupid, you know. Well, apart from Trump.

Genuinely 89iq.

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> I make about $100,000/yr and I own a home. I'm pretty average.
>The U.S. Census Bureau reported in September 2017 that real median household income was $59,039
Yep pretty average.

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>Trump: does something retarded
>Trump: proceeds to lose in several ways

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It's far more likely there are no major changes in the House while Democrats loose 2-3 Senators through Manchin and Franken's vacated seat, largely due to the recent debate/demands by democrats for more gun control. This would be enough for Republicans to win a clear Senate majority and make their job of forcing through stupid legislation much, much, much easier.

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Median income for males is $90k/yr, $50k/yr for women. I'm only 10% above average.

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If you make $100k/yr and own a home and you don’t have employer-provided insurance you’re either retarded or lying.

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>6 months ago
>The midterms will be a disaster for the democrats! They will lose 18-20 seats
>There will be no real change for the houses, maybe the dems will lose 2-3 seats

Kek, I rmemeber you. You're always here, gaming out how Trump's humiliating defeats are actually rare species of victory.

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What's that? Trumptards telling lies? I don't believe you!

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> Median income for males is $90k/yr

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I doubt he even makes that much anyway, some people on imageboards like to lie about their lives. It stems from a wishful thinking complex

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>If you make $100k/yr and own a home and you don’t have employer-provided insurance you’re either retarded or lying.

Or a plumber.

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>Which given the fact investors know there's a hyperinflation wave coming, seems vanishingly unlikely.

That won't scare them, mine claims in the US are cheap as fuck and with mining technology becoming even more automated (thanks to fracking) there's a lot of cheap equipment and miners out there looking for work. It's a prime area for speculation. Just as it is with oil/NG fracking in the first place, which investors have propped up through 20+ years of regulation, mishaps, technological development and public criticism.

>Also, a tariff war doesn't mean supplies are cut off. It means that the other side edges the price up to a point where the stuff gets more expensive but still not expensive enough to give someone room to make money from investing in loal production.

So you don't actually know what a trade war means then. If there's a price increase the President just swoops in and increases the price to make domestic production the cheapest option. Importers are then fucked as they're effectively locked out of the market unless the original trade restrictions are dropped.

And yes, only blue states will pick up the burden because they have the most spare money and the largest desire to keep consuming. Even if consumption dropped, it'd still be a net gain for people in purple and red states. Again this is where it's master politicking even if it's subpar economics.

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>u guys we need these jobs Americans are suffering really bad woe is us
>also I make $100k per month like the average American
I like how Trump supporters manage to combine ‘we are richer than u LOL’ with ‘we are poor and exploited send help’

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>According to the US Census Bureau persons with doctorates in the United States had an average income of roughly $81,400. The average for an advanced degree was $72,824, with men averaging $90,761 and women averaging $50,756 annually. Year-round full-time workers with a professional degree had an average income of $109,600 while those with a master's degree had an average income of $62,300.

tl;dr there are more men in the workforce than women and tradesmen make 50% more money than MA college graduates

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Do you honestly believe the USA has room for all the cheap shit China makes? You people produce tuck all and have maybe 4% unemployment. You believe that you can use 4% of the workforce to compensate the loss of Chinese and European imports?

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Some German concluded in one thread average German Bernd income as stated on KC placed most Bernds in top 10%
Of course they are all full of shit.

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You're out of arguments then. I'm not even defending Trump, but it's plainly obvious what his angle is and how it will work flawlessly for him. His goal is to get reelected, and a trade war is a tool he can use for that purpose. It'll destroy the global economy, and hurt many Americans, but it'll help the people he needs voting for him and give him what he wants.

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There is a tiny bit of credibility to Trumptard claims about Dems not gaining much in the midterms: Republican have systematically gerrymandered the shit out of this country for decades, and also tried to suppress non-Republican voting in really complex ways (for example in my state they instituted voter ID laws, then took out all the places you can get an ID made except in Republican areas. You can’t write this shit).
So even though the republicans are at their lowest approval in decades and this is the most unpopular president in a century, republicans have some anti-democracy solutions in place.
There is another special election today, btw. GOP spent $11mil campaigning for some random irrelevant district in PA that hasn’t voted Democrat in decades, but a Democrat’s favored to win it now.

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Of course there is a very high selection bias. People with a good income like to brag about it. People with a normal or low income don't talk about it.

So it doesn't automatically mean that people are lying, although some of them certainly are.

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Yes, he honestly believes that. He honestly sits at his computer and gets all his opinions from Trump/Bannon/pol and regurgitates them to anyone who’ll listen. He’s honestly that stupid.

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Good. Maybe new one will be more tolerant for our Holocaust law!

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>Do you honestly believe the USA has room for all the cheap shit China makes?

Most of that shit is just plastic. We can make plastic out of corn. Ditto for fuel. There is broad support for both amongst both parties, Republicans because their states produce corn and Democrats because corn is biodegradable.

We can do that here and do it without ruining the economy. It means more corn production, which means a greater boost for things corn farms buy, such as self-driving tractors. Again, this is Trump's angle.

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Tillerson’s he guy who called Trump a “fucking dumbass” twice I believe
I think all the people Trump hired just thought he was a dumbass after a month, or they were exposed for being crooks, that’s why they’re all gone now.
Watching this White House is just like watching a rich kid play with toys. It’s weird.

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Curretly USA has highest purchasing power in the world. I think people are in for a unpleasant surprise if a 50 hour shift at the fridge magnet factory is only worth 0.3 television.
The amount of people that make over €40k per year is really low. Yet average Bernd income was like €48k

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No I don't. Again I'm not defending Trump, but it's obvious what his angle is.

Trump has much larger issues (say his tax evasion, his nonexistent foreign policy evidenced by him firing the only competent person in his administration - Tillerson, his noncaring attitude towards labor policy etc) that will have consequences 10-20 years from now, which he is not concerned with as he only cares about 2018, 2020, 2022 and maybe 2024.

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Trump is compromised by the Kremlin or is either trying really hard to look so. This entire administration is a fucking disgrace. I hope he shits himself and cries during the impeachment hearings.

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Wow, you are dumb

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Said by a Pole it means he is smart.

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I'm stupid about economics, but isn't this tax war really awful to America? I mean, aren't other countries stoping making business with US?

justinrhee Avatar

You look at it way too small and simple.
What Trump is promising is bringing back all the low yielding industry. You talk about the glorious days when Americans made cars, but are you going to manufacture the cupholders? And how much will these cost?

mshwery Avatar

Reality TV IRL.

bluesix Avatar

Tillerson was a globalist. Nothing of value was lost.

rdbannon Avatar

>I make about $100,000/yr and I own a home. I'm pretty average.

you are literally on foodstamps innit?

m_kalibry Avatar

Has Stormny Daniels released the dick picks of Cpt. Orange or what are they trying to bury with the Tillerson stunt?

giuliusa Avatar


Low yield is better than no yield. Again, this is why people flock to Trump. At this point factories are closing, unions disbanding and communities dying. There is no future. Trump is offering them one.

It's that easy to win voters, and Trump is the first politician in a long time to do it. The last example was Reagan, in terms of trade hawkishness. Back then it was Japan, today it's China. But back then Reagan had to be nice to Japan due to our greater alliance against communism, Trump has no restrictions when dealing with China.

(also plastic cupholders can be made from corn plastic)

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greenbes Avatar

Very wise news bars. I don't understand what your problem is.

cat_audi Avatar

Some things are not worth wasting time and money on. That doesnt mean you should outsource all your industry but it also means you shouldnt do everything yourself.
If Trump were to put massive tariffs on China and Europe today, American purchasing power would be halved by the end of the week.

syntetyc Avatar

>The U.S Bureau of the Census has the annual real median personal income at $31,099 in 2016.[4]

I googled this and this was literally the first result, a Wikipedia page titled "Personal income in the United States"

vovkasolovev Avatar

It’s a really stupid idea.
For every one manufacturing job making steel in this country we have 8 or 9 making things out of steel, but that’s way too lofty a thought for the Trumptard.
Instead of trying to make more educated, stable jobs, Trump tried to tax graduate school scholarships.
I live in a pro-trump State. We’re poor because we don’t have white-collar jobs and all our new jobs are blue-collar manufacturing stuff. We got new blue-collar jobs and manufacturing plants all the time under Obama. We don’t care,people in the business community here know our problem is lack of educated workers.

kamal_chaneman Avatar


And yet red/purple states would see a net gain in economic activity, meaning Trump would still win. See how this works? He knows exactly what he needs to win. It lets him be shit at everything else too.

thinkleft Avatar

We might say that is bad for US in the long term. The more they isolate themselves and put barriers, alienate their alies, more other players will step in to fill the vaccum. China will use that grow their influence, UE will start to look elsewhere.
Trump's immediate actions won't do a serious trouble, he will ingratiate with his electoral basis, create economic troubles to US partners but that's it. The real trouble is the medium and long term geopolitical shift.

alexcican Avatar

This is no economic activity. It will be like state sponsored jobs. A total waste of money just to pander to voters

bassamology Avatar

> the guy was literally given an award from Putin for acting in interest of Russia

> boo hoo, Trump fired him because he refused to be a Russian agent

MSM beats new records of stupidity

mbilderbach Avatar


>For every one manufacturing job making steel in this country we have 8 or 9 making things out of steel, but that’s way too lofty a thought for the Trumptard.

This isn't true, simply because everything is outsourced now. Again cars are the most obvious. This is a global economy, and it's why Mexico wants us to cut China completely out of the NA market per the ongoing NAFTA renegotiation.

>Instead of trying to make more educated, stable jobs, Trump tried to tax graduate school scholarships.

College grads make less money than unionized tradesmen. See >>44267933, which means more taxable money. Your state is poor because it has low taxes since it's run by Republicans, who deliberately choose not to tap into increased prosperity to make everyone's life better. Trump reflects this in washington with his tax cut.

joshhemsley Avatar

Why doesnt Trump ban foreign oil and only sell American fracking oil?
Price of oil goes up by 30 times but Dakota’s and Texas will boom.

aadesh Avatar

Trump bragged hard about convincing an air conditioning plant in Ohio not to outsource to Mexico.
Eventually it was discovered he gave them such a big tax cut, it resulted in a net loss for the taxpayer with no positive economic impact for Ohio.
Also they still outsourced to Mexico.

Trumponomics 101

BrianPurkiss Avatar

Trump doesn't represent oil companies, he represents America. High price of energy ain't good for economy.

vovkasolovev Avatar


It works. Just look at America's massive military-industrial complex, a thing even liberals worship because NASA is an auxiliary component of it. And now with Pompeo as Secretary of State, Trump can funnel even more money into the military because his Secretary of State won't even consider diplomatic solutions to problems. Again this will have long term consequences, but not ones Trump will ever have to deal with.

tomgreever Avatar


>Why doesnt Trump ban foreign oil and only sell American fracking oil?

Because individual states, particularly California, is already doing it. Many states also require diesel sold in them to be blended with US-produced Ethanol, see >>44268013

itsracine Avatar

> his Secretary of State won't even consider diplomatic solutions to problems
>the chief diplomat won't even consider diplomatic solutions to problems
That's really sad.

snowwrite Avatar

But high steel prices are good?

rahmeen Avatar

Trump is moving the US away from the insane Islamist-friendly governments of the UK and Europe.

Probably a wise move.

zacsnider Avatar


Of course it's really sad, Trump is running his presidency with the explicit goal of getting reelected and getting what he wants passed. The long term consequences mean nothing to him. Ideally this wouldn't be the case, however both our political parties are filled with such uncreative and self-obsessed idiots they don't have any way to stop someone who is willing to consider any option to get reelected.

Trump was decades in the making, a more informed body politic and party bureaucracies actually interested in servicing Trump's base of blue collar workers could have prevented this. It didn't happen, and here we are.

maiklam Avatar

Apparently Skripal was recruited by MI6 to purchase/obtainn a Soviet Nerve Toxin to hand off to another Agent for transport to Syria to provide a pretext for a full-on US attack on Syrian Army & Russia.

Last minute reassessment it was decided that simpler/easier was best & Skripal was exposed along with his daughter.

The Port on Down facility is the most likely source for the small sample provided Skripal and was likely the reason to short circuit the Syria Connection due to very limited quantities in MI6' control.

shadowfreakapps Avatar

> But high steel prices are good?

There is a big competition between steel producers on the domestic market. Tarrifs will increase steel production in the USA, competition will be harder, hence i doubt that prices will go up significantly.

antonyryndya Avatar

Looks like we got another white-collar crime scheme from the White House this morning.

silv3rgvn Avatar

Mike Pompeo is cool. He is a supporter of death penalty for Snowden.

enriquemmorgan Avatar

>recruiting a guy that has already been exposed, arrested, convicted, and kicked out of Russia (11 fucking years ago) to go back to Russia and steal nerve toxin
You must be -89iq if you think that sounds plausible. intelligence agencies don't use assets that already blew their cover.

mbilderbach Avatar

Pompeo is Koch Brothers puppet like Pence.

splashing75 Avatar

>Analysts estimate the levies will add about $300 to the price of vehicles bought in U.S. showrooms.
That definitely sounds big enough to kill some jobs

craigelimeliah Avatar