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Vidya gaems and why do I want to talk about Everspace?
It's a good experience but not a 9/10, it's arbitrarily hard, unlike a gaem like assetto corsa or witcher 3 which are 9/10 but don't offer the same addictiveness.

What are you playin', what is on our mind?

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steamworld heist

it's kind of like 2d xcom + worms mechanics (you aim your shots so hit/miss is dependent on your skill)

probably the first game i've played in 5-6 games where I have trouble putting it down. surprisingly fun and challenging

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Tell me more about everspace, preferably with pictures.

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It is randomized session based space arcade (kinda like FTL) without much of a content and became boring after two hours of playing it.

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Stone Soup Dungeon Crawl.
It's a pretty decent roguelike, and I like how it has a wide array of races, each with their own thing. It has a class system, but you're not locked into a certain role. Your class is mostly what you start out with, kinda like what Dark Souls did, and you absolutely can change your character. The god system is nice, and gives extra depth to character customization. I just wish the developer would stop cutting out features.

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I'm addicted to FTL
t. late to the game

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There are neutral forces, enemies and loot on sectors, you do your stuff and jump to the next sector before the invincible armada of huge ships which is following you destroys you. Then yo die in my experience. But you can use the money on the ship or pilot for the next run. Hard mod gives more money. That's where it begins to take hours and hours of addictiveness.

What makes me addicted the most, though, is what the game could have been with a proper open game world + RPG & 4X stuff.

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> what the game could have been with a proper open game world + RPG & 4X stuff.
I mean you add to Everspace the Stellaris mechanics for the simulation, the fleets of Battlefleet Gothic Armada and probably the Mass Effect mechanics for ground combat and RPG.

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Looks neat

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Well, i played the shit out of FTL, even going as far as commander's edition on hard (while it's made for normal). If that's kinda like it, guess it's time to try.

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DCSS is pretty great though I play it with a tileset (isn't stone soup the tileset version anyways? I thought dungeon crawl is the core game)

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Space station to refuel and repair.
But honestly it's best to destroy and loot it.

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Everspace is on my wishlist for ages but tbh now I don't think I'll get it, it's basically FTL with the timer, except not as good by the sounds of it.

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replaying through the Devil Summoner series again, first game right now. random encounter grind aside, this is amazing. peak Kaneko's design imo, top comfyness, top ost. if you would like to capture cute demons, become their master and friend, solve mysteries and just walk around cool neighbourhoods the try it