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/int/ 44267307: What are your thoughts on Keynesian economics?...

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What are your thoughts on Keynesian economics?

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He can suck Marx' balls

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are you ancap autist or somethin

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It is basically Marxism, but less autistic.

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As with all economic theories they are not holistic for human existance and i only see them as a way to implement the assumptions, it is based on.

In other words: how do you force your shitview of life on a society? You build based on an economic model that needs the things you really want so you can promote the system without looking like a slavemaster.

also this excellent lecture on the model:

wiljanslofstra Avatar

Some people argue that the massive government spendings for the military during WW2 in the USA ended the great depression and that this is prove that Keynesian economics works. I think it just gave governments worldwide a reason to indebt themselves by the trillions.