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Does this apply to KC?

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You have to be able to at least shove a 7 inch long dildo up your ass.

You mad, Lambda? Gonna delete and ban me? How cute! :^)

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it's not about kc, 4ch or any other internet site. it's all about you.
im 31yo, relatively successful normie with wife, kids and stable income. and i frequent imageboards since 2004.

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Whatever positives apply to you, they don't do because of, but in spite of the kc.

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It only applies to boards without serious discussions of important topics.

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it's just a entartaining web site with semi-funny pictures. dont take it too serious

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>4chan /v/

Lmao, what the fuck is wrong with you

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I like imageboards. I feel very, very alienated from modern life in my city. I feel connected whenever I go on imageboards whether it be kc or 4chan or 8chan or 420chan. The humour instantly puts me in a good mood and its nice to know there are people with similar thoughts and beliefs to me

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>I didn't enjoy a thing and thus that means NOBODY ELSE CAN ENJOY THIS THING!!

fuck off
you leave
we stay

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As if misogyny was a bad thing...

I praise KC for teaching me how w*men are horrid creatures.

Everytime I go outside I'm told that w*men should have better rights than men. Fuck this kcmodding modern life.

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>no quality content
Some boards I used to browse had lots of OC makers and good quality content.

>reduces productivity
The reason I know how to edit images, sound, and video is because of making OC and memes on imageboards. Too bad I can't put them on my CV

>people don't have arguments
Bernds here usually have good arguments and we have nice long threads discussing about certain topics.

>not making you happy
They are. I've had tons of good laughs from ridiculous threads or funny images or webms I see on boards. Also at least before anonymous imageboards were the only good place where black humor could really thrive.

But some of the other points are true. Imageboards are quite useless in long term. No one cares if you were part of some raid 10 years ago. No one cares if you started some meme. Instead of studying or working out or practicing a hobby you just sit in bad posture, get narrow-minded and masturbate too often. Probably socially awkward recluse with anxiety and mental health issues.

I still had tons of fun when I was a nerdy, introverted teenager with dark humour and the imageboards were filled with other people like me.

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Most accurate post I've ever read. Took the words right out of my mouth. Imageboarding really is a disease.

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There's nothing wrong with women. Individual women can be cunty/bad of course, but women as a whole are just humans dude. Like most imageboarders, there is a siginificant chance that your hatred of women stems from the fact that they ignore/won't fuck you. Again, this is a human thing, not a woman thing. Humans prefer attractive individuals. They aren't all only fucking muh chads, if you are a 5/10 average normie that presents decently with haircut, clothes, etc. and act confident you'll get showered in pussy. So it's not even "muh lookism" it's more just better yourself as a human being.

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just bee yourself

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Found the vaginigger

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If "being yourself" is playing video games, watching youtube, browsing imageboards, not leaving the house for weeks at a time, and despising women/minorities are you really confused with the end results

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Preach sistah!

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>just take a step dude

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For /b/ 100%.

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I will admit there are some things that can make you unfuckable to women, for example if you're 5'3" you're out of luck for 95%+ of women.

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>just give up dude fuck life haha

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>just try overcome your genetics dude, its easy

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I wonder how many former Bernds left kc long enough to live somewhat normal lives.
I can't think of a single KC-celebrity that didn't end up being a NEET or dying young.

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>theres nothing wrong with women
yea except the fact they breathe

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I'd rather be dead than a normie.

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>women initiate 80% of all divorces
>there's nothing wrong with women in general, my fellow men! Trust me!
You aren't fooling anyone, Stacey.

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He's probably just a queer that acts like a promiscuous woman. He may even sleep with women, trannies, and donkeys, but he is still a homosexual queer faggot. A lot of these beta white faggots who defend women online tend to be like that.

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kaysee provides me a constant supply of spurdo memes which definitely make my life better

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If I had something better to do, I would do that instead.

What else is there?

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People think this is the demon in their lifes without realizing the demon was inside themselves this whole time

t. deep thinkner

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posting from 2011?