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vicivadeline Avatar

How do you convince a life-long alcoholic to give up drinking?

Do you have to address his mental issues first?

hota_v Avatar

you have to kill him

commoncentssss Avatar

Point a gun to his heda.

oaktreemedia Avatar

You don't. It's something that comes from the inside. As i always say "If one's mother or wife can't convince it, nobody besides himself can".

samscouto Avatar

He needs to hit absolute rock bottom, preferably come into close contact with death, before the will to change can come from within himself.

t. abstaining alcoholic and went through this process

vikashpathak18 Avatar

I've drunk a lot out of boredom but I never got addicted to it. You fucking wake up in the middle of the night to vomit or wake up feeling like your head is in a vice and it last for half the day.

ugh it's just not worth it

ryandownie Avatar

To force somebody to stop drink would require either to kidnap him and keep in a locked space for few months, then keeping an eye on him after liberating, or there's a second option.
And the second option is way harder.

tjisousa Avatar

It's up to the alcoholic to stop. You can't convince him if he's determined. You will actually make it worse.

naupintos Avatar

Nah not mental illnesses just normal reasons why I drink. I used to drink hardcore from 2015 to 2017 but now im 1 month sober(drank some beer a week ago) and probably gonna stay sober for the next few months, going to gym and getting driving license back.

But after I'm done losing weight and have all the licenses to be a truck driver i'm 100% sure i'll start drinking alcohol again on weekends when im out trucking in europe. Maybe even sometimes binge or days when i'm back at home for 2-3 weeks.

Ask me anything else you want.

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What if I never reach rock bottom?

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