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So there are 3 brothers. The oldest owns 30 sheep, the middle one has 3. The youngest brother wants to become a full-time shepherd and asks his brothers to kickstart his business:
The oldest brother gave him 5 sheep and the middle one 1.
After some years the oldest one has 50 sheep, the middle one 10 and the youngest one was especially successful with his business and now owns a herd of 130 sheep.
Then he suddenly dies, his testament states that he wants his herd to be fairly divided.
How and why?

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I don't care

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both get their 5, respectively 1 sheep back and the rest goes to the state, who will know how to best distribute it.

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Either they compromise and split it 50-50 or they endlessles argue and take each other to court and the whole herd has to be sold off to pay taxes and legal fees.

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130/2 for each brother now fuck off

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Each brother receives 21,666666665 sheep per sheep originally invested
That makes for 108,3333333325 sheep, rounded down to 108 for the oldest and 21,666666665 rounded up to 22 for the middle brother.

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The older brother contributed more to his success in total (5 vs. 1), but the middle one was willing to give up on more of his property to help his brother.
Also in terms of success, the oldest one is probably lazy and stupid, because he didn't even manage to double his sheep over the year while the middle one tripled his, so for the future success of the family, it is probably wise to favor the middle one.
2/6 for the oldest brother, 4/6 for the middle one, all odd remainder sheeps shall be sacrificed to the gods to mourn the death of the youngest brother, case closed.

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I should add that rounding the sheep numbers is based on assuming the older brother would consent. If he insists on it, one sheep, being a commodity for which this is fortunately possible, would be cut up and divided among them according to the exact left over fractions.
The court however pleads to the common sense of the brother to not make an unncessarly complicated matter out of this one sheep, for not only its own sake but the sake of himself and his future business relations

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As bushiness there were 33 shares, oldest invested 5 shares while middle a share.
5 to 1 - that would be fair in business

As a family the oldest helped by 10% of his property while middle - 33.3%
And so all helps from brothers was 44.3 sares
Then oldest's share in heirloom would be 10/44.3 wile middle's share - 33.3/44.3
That would be fair because they want heirloom and heirloom must be given to those who better cared about diseased person.

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Depends, how many sheep are in it for me?

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Both get 65 sheeps unless they had a specified agreement on "kickstarting" younger's business and plans on profit returns. This is fair and, frankly speaking, both benefit greatly nonetheless.

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>youngest brother is poor and has no sheep at all
>gets some and makes a miracle breakthrough with his business
>probably works all day and night
>dies super young
damn what a life

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- Business solution: 108 - older; 22 - middle
- Moral solution: 28(+5) - older; 93(+1) - middle
- Law solution: 65 - older; 65 - middle

Post with explanations:
Business - >>44268152
Morality - >>44268276
Law - >>44268312

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The jew gets 128 sheep, the brothers 2 and the refugees none.
Then the jew says: "Beware, the refugees want your sheep!"

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Middle brother gave a greater portion of his herd to the younger one, a third. So he will receive a third, which will be 43. Older brother gave a sixth of his herd, so he will receive a sixth, that will be 22. This will leave 65 sheep, or the remaining half. This should subsequently be divided by half between both brothers, 32 to the older one and 33 to the middle (since his original third was rounded down)

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Inheritance of property is a tool to perpetuate riches among the Bourgeoisie.
What about the people of the community out there who don't have any sheep at all?
Why would you be entitled to get free stuff just because somebody else died?

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I'd propose to cut each sheep, young and old, to two pieces and distribute them evenly among the remaining family. Unless they came to an agreement between themselves. Stop wasting the court's time with sheeps, nobody cares.

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I bet the middle brother, sandwiched between his successful younger sibling and his hereditary richer older sibling, was a jealous fuck and poisoned the younger one.