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strikewan Avatar

Institutional property rights is a myth? i mean it is just based on registry protected by firepower.

tereshenkov Avatar

Pretty much. This is why people who moan about tha gubmint stealing from them are retarded. Without the government enforcing propertyrights at gunpoint you wouldn't own anything to be stolen.

franciscoamk Avatar

Property is liberty

shesgared Avatar

The whole idea is that you yourself would have the firepower to protect it.

yigitpinarbasi Avatar

Then you'd effectively be the state. That's why ancaps are monarchists in denial. L'état c'est moi.

robergd Avatar

This is what Russian peasants really believe live. On the American frontier a man has only himself and a gun to defend his homestead from Indians.

funwatercat Avatar

Damn I've always thought it's based on a divine right but I guess it's just a man made decision to allow people to keep their property without some gypsy coming in to steal it.

m4rio Avatar

Muh social contract muthafucka

abdots Avatar

If you didn't know in what place of society you would end up, as a richfag or a poorfag, would you still agree to property laws?
If yes stop bitching.

pakhandrin Avatar

No matter how rich or poor I was I still wouldn't like it when someone would just take my shit without permission. Why are there even people objecting property rights? Do they just want to steal other people's stuff or what?

doronmalki Avatar

Sorry to break it to you, but those days are over.

vigobronx Avatar

Go finish at least one book on "theory of state and law" and you won't be asking such questions.

davidsasda Avatar

There have been many cases throughout history of absolute power without laws, but not a single case where law has existed without power to enforce it.

thierrymeier_ Avatar

it's only liberty if everyone has property