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/int/ 44268285: Revelation: people are naturally resistant against bacteria and parasites

n1ght_coder Avatar

Humankind has evolved for last 100 000 years to battle bacteria, viruses and parasites naturally.
Those with somehow deficit immune systems, died.
Because everyone was infected at some point.

But modern medicine fights against nature and thus prevents immunesystems from developing further naturally, losing the evolution arms race against pathogens.

This may be why we are now more sick than ever before. The weak should have perished but now they didnt.

alexcican Avatar

The weak should fear the flu

millinet Avatar

>This may be why we are now more sick than ever before.

ritapetrilli87 Avatar

You're a fucking retard and should kill yourself to strenghten our species.

grafxiq Avatar

>people are naturally resistant
Tell that to the Spanish flu and the black plague, it wasn't aware of that.

Bernd Avatar

Should OP die if he can't resist ebola?

syntetyc Avatar

Those people were weak and died. OP is right.

dwardt Avatar

Really getting tired of this lefty pole.

fluidbrush Avatar

Read: Antifragile

peterlandt Avatar

We're entering an era where the rich people will be able to genetically modify their offspring and make them into superhumans. Your darwinistic approach is archaic.

subburam Avatar

Oh damn, I forgot both of those exterminated humanity twice, thus meaning we don't exist at all.

350d Avatar

<89 IQ, the post

yangpeiyuan Avatar

how weak. strength is the number of parasites you support

n1ght_coder Avatar

Even genetically enhanced humans are weak if not exposed to stressors. It's a question of epigenetics and environmental factors.

suprb Avatar

I have good teeth and health

>going to the doctor

Haven't in 10 years

>going to the dentist

Haven't in 15 years.

abotap Avatar

Bacteria and parasites evolve like 100000 times faster than human beings.

krdesigndotit Avatar

Problem is humans live by no means natural life.
Natural for our species:
- hunt
- eat jerked meat and roasted meat
- eat insects, eggs, slightly rotten meat
- DO NOT EAT any weeds and grains, vegetables
- EAT RARELY fruits (in Eurasia there is not so much fruits grew to feed all tribe over the year)
- moving freely
- ran and walk at whim not caring about direction changes
- defecate and urinate at wish, the same with gases
- follow gender roles
- play with children, including others' cildren
- deeply communicate with teenagers (because initiations was committed at age of 12 and after that young boys and girls became amateurs for adults not the just children)
- kill enemies, have absolutely rights to self-defense, including defense of property, religious symbols, territory and bodies of any human of your tribe
- right and ought to keep any strangers away of lands of your tribe
- communicate withing genetically close humans
- have direct access to 'authorities' and absolute freedom to speak

That is natural for humans. We leave unnatural life and because of this we are ill.
Just think of appendix: there must be no cases of appendicitis because all humans prone to appendicitis must be quickly die. But we have it! The most reason is because we eat grains and weeds - food that our guts hadn't designed to digest.

And now we even have vegans. How there could be any healthfulness in humans?

giuliusa Avatar

>plants are unnatural for human consumption
Russian education.
Inuits are almost completely carnivorous in their diets and they have some of the highest rates of chronic illnesses in the world.

nelshd Avatar

I think you're deeply mistaken.
Natural life was terrible, short and full of suffering we're unable to grasp.
Check out videos about anthropology on youtube. Our ancestors were literally turboniggers.

cat_audi Avatar

Humans came from drain savanna. Then they settled near rivers and in forest.
And then even go to the Ice and Mammoth.
1. There were very rare regions where consumable wild vegetation would be abundant.
2. For food human's brain and compensate inefficient manner of moving people need meat.
3. People lead preemptively nomad life-style and were close to wolves by behavior in finding food except the females didn't hunt.

If you as what is unnatural then bread and grocery are unnatural for humans.

yassiryahya Avatar

That doesn't debunk eating berries, greens, and basic starches like potatoes as being unnatural.

mrxloka Avatar

ITT: Bernd the 89iq pretending to be an evolutionary biologist pro.

Our ancestors used to die to plagues like flies. Children mortality was so high due to all those illnesses. We were never fully "resistant" because pathogens always evolve too.

Also in case you 89iq heda doesn't know, vaccination is exactly that - it introduces a very mild and safe infection so the body can safell earn how to deal with certain microbes. Its not different for the white cells than being actually infected, except in the latter cae you can actually die.

>we are more sick than ever
its dont

Pure retardation the post.

>old humans ate this but not that
Humans used to ate whatever the fuck they could. If they happened to find fruit tree grove they stuffed their stomach full of fruits. And obviously their foodstock different from region to region, season to season.

Rest is just sentimental garbage typical for oh-so wannabe neotraditionalist fucks found on imageboards (of coruse not actually following any of the tenets they hold holy), so Im not even going to bother destroying them.

jrxmember Avatar

>But modern medicine fights against nature and thus prevents immunesystems from developing
Vaccines does exactly oposite - it boosts imune system by artificaly loading it with potential pathogen.
So you are wrong

carlyson Avatar

Chocolate plant was miraculoisly the perfect food for humans while almost no other animal eats it.
Cat will die if it eats too much chocolate, dogs too but cat is even more vulnerable.
But humans will receive only minor heart beating rate increase. Unless very much of chocolate is eaten by an unprepared person with no previous resistance to teobromine.
Anyway, chocolate plant has many of the minerals a human would need.

cbracco Avatar

>Children mortality was so high due to all those illnesses. We were never fully "resistant" because pathogens always evolve too.

Yeah, exactly. Back in the day they made like 5 kids because they assumed that at least 3 will die for being weak. Nowadays parents only have like 2 kids and they both survive even if they're weak.

stayuber Avatar

Are you cretinos? Obviously, you are.
Read the fkn OP - there said the humans would be healthier while be more natural i.e not caring of their health.
And I told what was natural for humans of our species.

Where I said that would be healthier? You dolt have jumped in treda and spew fire out of you arse while even haven'r read the point of my it.

Anyway, good luck to eat wild grains and weeds in raw only while walking all day long and perform hard toil. It would be funny to bet for how quick you will die - three months or earlier.

aio___ Avatar

One last addo, the whole argument of natural vs unnatural is so fucking 89iq I don't even know where to begin.

What matters is adaption and thriving. We are of nature, our intellect is our nature, and so is language and by extension technology. Our tools and things we make are merely reconstituted natural matter. There is nothing "unnatural" about say cereal, the method we made ancient grains into todays crops was the same game nature plays with evolution. And what if we eat bread, its just processed wheat, applying various amounts of heat and pressure for the right time - what is so fundamentelly different here?

If our adaption is raping nature and changing it to our liking, then too fucking bad but it was nature that enabled us to do so by giving rise to human intellect.

The way I see it and every fucking number will verify it, we live longer and better than ever and achieved the most as a collective, not by staying pointy stick throwers eating berries and fish. Yes, the ancient individual, assuming he/she survived into adulthood was a wholer, tougher, hardcore survivalist person vas the demands on the individual was much greater and rounder, yet I'm sorry but I prefer this timeline instead the one where we stayed as basically social animals neotrad losers jerk off to.

necodymiconer Avatar

>But modern medicine fights against nature and thus prevents immunesystems from developing further

You have 0 idea how vaccines work. This is why education is important.

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