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/int/ 44268638: >living in the center of the pidorburg >salari...

superoutman Avatar

>living in the center of the pidorburg
>salaries in moscow should be x2-3
>go to google maps
>see Moscow
>I'm ok with my salary

Why Moscow so shit, i looked half of districts, It is just shitty Brezhnevkas just in the city center, little stalinkas and putinblocks

naupintos Avatar

>Why Moscow so shit,
Because in general, Russia is a shit.

oscarowusu Avatar


Center of pidorburg is q&a

emmakardaras Avatar

Center of Moscow is good too and it's mostly prerevolution buildings

kamal_chaneman Avatar


But i will not live in the center of Moscow. other 80% Moscow is just Muhosranks on steroids, epic.

romanbulah Avatar

No good things exist outside of historical centers of both cities.

scottgallant Avatar

> OPpic
Gott strafe that stupid burger that forced this shit

ritapetrilli87 Avatar

Both Pidorshburg and Moscow are total shit
Pidorashburg okay if you wanna se center and musems as tourist

mat_walker Avatar

> ooked half of districts, It is just shitty Brezhnevkas just in

It was forced by Finn

falvarad Avatar

>se center and musems as tourist

You can also live in center and it is better than be surrounded by eternal Commieblockia

jamesmbickerton Avatar

> total shit
What do you mean by "shit"? There are sleeping quarters, but that's not something specific, the living quality is comparable to major (Moscow) and minor (Pidors) european capitals, the historical city centers are very nice, the infrastructure is good, lot's of museums and places for sightseeing

t. liver in moscow and visitor of pidorsburg

krdesigndotit Avatar

He took his initiative, it was the burger who gave a life to this horrible abomination

Yet another crime against humanity committed by American nation

craigelimeliah Avatar

>You can also live in center
Better KYS honestely

mfacchinello Avatar

slav commieblock fight yay

sokaniwaal Avatar

Still better than eternal commieblockia, living in older than 100 years surroundings provide some human feels, don't know how to say

wtrsld Avatar

Linig i old house is hell.
Living in very old house in rushka builded on swamp - it true horror

vikashpathak18 Avatar

Don't know what is you about, my old house have 80cm brick walls, at least it is looks like a house. also warmly.

t. OP

llun Avatar

Wooden overlapping, old bad sewerage system, unsuitable for climmate encasement of facades, horible repressing looking halls and inner yards etc etc

adhiardana Avatar

Witch city would the most comftorable for a western redneck? Moskau or Pitursburg. Are the people more rude in moscow?

sava2500 Avatar

Pidorburg looks more human.

iamgarth Avatar

Moskau doesn't seem so bad at all, and if you get paid 2-3x times more for real than in pidurs, then I dont know.

bassamology Avatar

there's like this girl who just goes around moscow and she seems a bit annoying but really fuckable.

salleedesign Avatar

Yeah, Moscow is surprisingly expensive. I don't know why rich people even want to live there, shit climate, shit architecture, cold and dark.