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/int/ 44268682: >Haha what? Just go to the gym and be yourself bro...

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>Haha what? Just go to the gym and be yourself bro

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well his body doesn't look like that naturally

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>also don't forget to roid and have a chin surgery, bro!

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His face actually looks really grotesque.

juaumlol Avatar

Just use photoshop, bro.

>two muscle head idiots take no homo photo in hot tub together
>both photoshop themselves before uploading the photo seperately

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me on the left

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This, the beard looks really disgusting

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He has still a pencil neck

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And? Maintain a medium gym routine without any supplements or steroids and within a year you'll be looking better than 95% of males around you.
Keep that routine for a year longer and you will look better than 99% of males around you.
He is clearly on heavy doses of roids, however he has good genetic makeup.

My friend is like that. Eats shitloads, drinks 24/7 and has never spend a single hour in gym and he always looks like picrelated.

First reason behind working out is avoiding CAD, strokes, pressure issues, ischemia,
osteoporosys, etc.

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I might be wrong, but I think I looked less manly than 7 years ago when I started lifting. And I mean the face, not the body. But then again it might be that I just matured and GYM has nothing to do with it.