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How long since mass migration started to your country that the authorities started re writting history?

I remember the first time I saw a black person, I was 13 and it was shocking I remember thinking "wow I only see niggers in movies and there is a real one in front of me", he was a Brazilian tourist.

Mass migration from Haiti started 4 years ago, and from Colombia 8 years ago (both became really big 3 years ago).

But already there is a token nigger in every TV commercial, specials on TV on how Chile always had black people and the we wuz Chileans and shit already. Like picture related, "black people" won the Chilean war of independence.

Why can't American/Protestant degeneracy can stay there, why do we follow it.

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I only get shocked when I see black people with extremely pronounced negreoid features, it makes me feel a little at unease, even though it shouldnt.

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It's really sad how protestant filth in the end won, and now we all have to put up with this kind of garbage lunacy.

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A lot of blacks have some yellow in their eyes, especially Haitians, it freaks me out.

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>Mass migration of Haitians to Chile
Kek'd IRL

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It will expand to all countries in the world. Even China will be forced to accept the meme sooner or later. It's like that phrase from Hitler "ein Reich, ein Volk, ein Führer", (((they))) need the world to be one race in order to rule them easily

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>Why can't American/Protestant degeneracy can stay there, why do we follow it.

kcmoddery comes from europe, blame them

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Mexico doesn't accept migrants, down there they are seen as subhuman and are more or less second class "citizens", and are freely abused by actual Mexicans (wehther they be businessowners, police, narcos, or street children).

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>American/Protestant degeneracy
You know what I'm going to say so I won't even bother.

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First time I saw immigrants was in sweden begging on the streets

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It comes from within. Ask the Abbasids and their fall into decadence.

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when I was 10 my (mexican) uncle clipped someone outside of tijuana, when he went to check him he realized he was gutemalan so he just shrugged and we drove off. A few days later we drove through that town again and this guy was still injured and sitting a church because the town's clinic refused to help him without identification. He apparently died of internal bleeding a few days later and his body was buried with a bunch of cows since migrant workers weren't given plots or funerals.

That's your country.

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China tier lvl of empathy