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/int/ 44269210: Hi guys. Im newfriend and dont know local memes. Why ...

urbanjahvier Avatar

Hi guys. Im newfriend and dont know local memes.
Why you call brazil posters a monkeys?
Its very rude and racist. Lets be polite.

chatyrko Avatar

I agree that it's a rude "custom" that should end.

T. Polite man

bouyghajden Avatar

It's ok. It just shows they have no argument.

steynviljoen Avatar

Cuz everyone here is racist

Specially the whites, but even the non whites

clementc Avatar

I suggest to call Russsians that way instead

scottgallant Avatar

It's because cariocas (people from Rio) look like them.

But Brazil population isn't just cariocas as foreigners are led to believe.

adewaleolaore Avatar

kc tiers think we speak spanish and most of our country is a jungle and the rest is a favela.

So who fucking cares.

chris_frees Avatar

I agree tbqh

bergmartin Avatar

It's from that retarded meme of mickey mouse saying "holy shit a talking monkey"

markgamzy Avatar

I dont get it

dutchnadia Avatar


It never made any sense tbqh

jitachi Avatar

gtfo, newfag
u r 2 noob 2 call us racist

langate Avatar

Actually this is an american meme (since burgers are dumb and stupid who believe earth has only 6000 years old and don't study geography at school) which sadly was replicated to the rest of the world.

trueblood_33 Avatar

>believes his great great great great grand pappy was a rock

>don't study geography at school

We only need to know that America is #1 and that we are in it,everything outside America is of the Devil! Also "dinosaur" bones are actually demons put there by the Devil! Get educated heathens, or you will burn in hell fire!

abotap Avatar

>Why you call brazil posters monkeys?
Same reason why you call a tree a tree or why do you call pooles holocaust doers?