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Do you honestly go to a church just to admire some paintings on the inner walls, or to you know, actually do what you're suppose to do in a church and pray to god? Wouldn't it make more sense if someone were to admire the paintings, outside?

Why are westerners so clueless when it comes to spirituality ?

oskamaya Avatar

I don’t know what one does inside a church.

I can’t into spirituality.

csteib Avatar

If you want people to attend the Mass it makes sense to place it inside the church.

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And do you realise how stupid the Romanian spiritually looks? Doing crosses like crazy when passing by a church and then going out at night fucking around and drinking?

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Yep. That's why I don't care about new churches. I actually don't like the paintings either (they're not historically accurate because they have to respect "orthodox canon"), I just look at the architecture (thickness if the walls, age of the bells, etc).

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I am byzantineboo, so I am enjoying ancient churches in Russia because of similar style.
Lol, just remembered how teachers offered to us, 3rd graders, to watch medieval comics. We accepted happily, then teachers went us to the church full of frescoes and mosaics depicting different stories. I am was excited, my classmated butthurted furiously.
Though, I am grew up as not religious person, I still enjoying visiting orthodox churches.
I was in Pidorsburg last month visited all major churches. Also there was a funny moment: visiting Kazan Cathedral (Cathedral of Our Lady of Kazan) I am stopped an the entrance, letting big group of chinese tourists, entering cathedral. Their eyes became big and round and mouthes opening with ecstatic whispers.

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Yes, ive only ever visited churches for that reason (and funerals)

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>Pics 2 and 3
How awful.

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>Do you honestly go to a church just to admire some paintings on the inner walls,


madhan4uu Avatar

>All that luxury in vein

No wonder you had people create the protestant movement

>That carelessness

No wonder the protestant movement is so degenerate

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>art is bad mkay
you must be one of those prostatas

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Actually, I think he´s saying, art inside bad, gaudy outer facades, good.

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They're not protected from the elements.

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If you truly love god you only give him the best.

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Art is ok

Opulence is bad

You can reach god through modest means. What is the point of showing off your wealth?

It's not your usual paint for those images tho. Modern tech actually made it so that the paint could last at least 100 years