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Does he have a chance to overthrow Putin? Does there need to be another civil war in Russia for the oligarchy to end, is it impossible to happen democratically?

ripplemdk Avatar

If he keeps the beard yes

ryhanhassan Avatar

Just wait. End is near.

nasirwd Avatar

>in Russia for the oligarchy to end

jimmywebdev Avatar

> to overthrow Putin?
It's not one man, it's mafia clan "Ozero".

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Their property will be under question when he dies.

adewaleolaore Avatar

Unlikelier things have happened in history. Who knows?

mbilalsiddique1 Avatar

Yeah we had fighter with party priveleges already. Who made carrier on talking how Gorbachev has expensive dacha and 50 guards.

lisakey1986 Avatar

Russian ethnic nationalism is the only possible way to destroy mafia terrorsit state "russian federation".

anaami Avatar

For the well being of the Russian i hope never.
We had our anti corruption meme war and everything went to shit since then. Sponsored of course by UK and US.

hibrahimsafak Avatar

The only way he'll defeat Putin is if he is guaranteed to make things even worse.

Russians crave submission and misery like 'murricans crave burgers and freedom and Brazilians crave chainsawing children into peices.

grafxiq Avatar

>is it impossible to happen democratically
All media is under their control, how can you possibly counter that?
They simply won't let anyone who can do them any harm to get popular because they can.

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> Чем хуже, тем лучше

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> Does he have a chance to overthrow Putin?



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And two TV sets. I remember that. Gorbachev still hates him btw.

fatihturan Avatar

He's gonna have some chances in 6 years.
Even if Putin is gonna stay in power, he's gonna have to "appoint" another person as a president. Like Medvedev 10 years ago. There's gonna be some doubt in minds of the electorate. That's the first possibility.
Second, Putin is not getting younger. There are another 6 years to prepare a successor. Another doubt in 6 years.
And another point: those underage liberahas Mr.Navalny is working now will be in their near 20's in 6 years. Perfect people to fulfill protesting meetings, don't you think?

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roosians must suffer.

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Literally who?

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he's banned from elections

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I don't even know real russian opinions on their nations since they have so many goverment shills and bots.

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russia is shit

jehnglynn Avatar

i don't even know if thats true since so many russians do whataboutism and talk about how bad the usa is.

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>Is it impossible to happen democratically?

But nah, he could probably get enough people together to topple the government but he seems the sort to puss out when the Russian authorities inevitably go the Tiananmen Square route.

karsh Avatar

to me everything is shit. humanity must die horribly and all it's legacy must be purified

sgaurav_baghel Avatar

>Does he have a chance to overthrow Putin
No. I suspect he'll soon taste the polonium. Also, there are no revolutionary forces in Russia, Navalny is just a political blogger, not a revolution leader, and even large protests are pretty much impossible now.
>Does there need to be another civil war in Russia for the oligarchy to end
Oligarchy is not even the greatest problem, if things get dark they'll just leave the sinking ship, most of them have property and assets abroad, their families also live in Europe typically. But once that happens, nothing stops the military and the secret services from finally taking full control and making a rogue state dystopia that would make Kim jealous.
>is it impossible to happen democratically
Like in most of the world, there is no real democracy in Russia, it's merely a circus to appease the west and project a more prestigious face in diplomatic relations.

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> Does he have a chance to overthrow Putin?

>Does there need to be another civil war in Russia for the oligarchy to end
Gommunism is bad mkay but killing elitists with their whole families and taking their wealth time to time is rather good.

sindresorhus Avatar

> since they have so many goverment shills and bots.
There are none(at least here), you just call so people whose opinion you don't like.

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А с чего ты взял что у нас нету революционеров?
Подскажу они есть но нихуя не прозападные потому про них в новостях редко говорят.

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isn't russia run like the Mongol Hordes? Individual War Lords run there sector of land with autonomy and just pay tribute to the Khan and sometimes send Mongol Warriors to fight wars?

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Но нацики под таким шконарем сидят, что либероидам и не снилось. А коммуняки выродились в какое-то невнятное говно давно уже как.
No, Kadyrov is the only warlord there is, but it's us who pay tribute to him.
It's supposed to be a federation, but there's less autonomy than US states have.

ajaxy_ru Avatar

No. Russia is an oligarchic state run by coalition of putin and his oligarch friends with backing of secret services and army

i3tef Avatar

> нацики под таким шконарем сидят,

Это русский народ под шконарем сидит.

iamglimy Avatar

Русне там і місце

marciotoledo Avatar

Ну нацики и националисты разные вещи если что я вот про НОД говорил а ты про кого?

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Everyone I know supports Navalny and hates the regime. And I study in top uni.

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Какая же русня тупая, просто пиздец.

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Лолшто? Это не революционеры, это запутинцы. Их как раз текущий курс очень даже устраивает.
Националисты это как раз те, кого Путин первыми сгнобил, аналогичные западным альтрайтам и идентирианцам. Всякие имперцы и ультраконсерваторы и прочие евразийцы это не националисты.
MGIMO finished?

ajaxy_ru Avatar

путин главыный националист. он за сильную успешную независимую Русь.

leonfedotov Avatar

He's only "popular with underaged tards and liberal kc mods. They are a looked down on minority. Do you expect a minority that is looked down on to take over Russia? I don't.

mbilderbach Avatar

They are politically active passionaries. Like people who did maidan in Ukraine.
Average watnik is passive and drunk he don't care who rules them.

erikdkennedy Avatar

believe what you want fool

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Негражданина забыли спросить.

Bernd Avatar

>Does he have a chance to overthrow Putin?
No. Russians are too servile.
Also the sole reason he is not jailed or killed yet is probably because he is too much of a pussy to go violent. A peaceful protest will solve nothing.

>Does there need to be another civil war in Russia for the oligarchy to end, is it impossible to happen democratically?
There won't be a civil war since every corrupt official, criminal and churka warchief gets his share from Putin soo all the "noblemen" are satisfied with him.

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People are tired of the regime. You can't buy proper cheese only smuggled one. Electronics is more expensive. Iphone X costs 70k.

sindresorhus Avatar

While watching his videos I realized that without 100 years of commies and poisonous commie mindset that is still present today in it's verkushka, Russia could've been rich as fug, utilizing it's resources for profit not for 1 000 000 000 000 shitty T-72 that can't stand a shit.
They would be second Sweden/Funland.