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/int/ 44269543: How to deal with hateful neighbours?

ma_tiax Avatar

The neighbours from my floor are two rude bydlo families, that are close to each other and seem to hate my flat. They don't even greet me back when we meet. It happens almost daily that I give a friendly hello or good morning and even try to smile while those people look at me as if I was their worst enemy. I really feel enraged by such low behaviour, so far my plan is to just continue being friendly, maybe even try being over friendly and greet like "I wish you a wonderful good morning" while putting on my most lovely smile.
Did you ever have to deal with unfriendly neighbours?

alek_djuric Avatar

you have to go back

joshkennedy Avatar

Hey same, I have people live in front of me that for some reason I hate me. I believe it is because I smoke weed and they have a little daughter, but I do it inside my house and they can go suck a dick.

I just ignore them and they ignore me, and I suggest you keep your interactions with them to a minimum. If they already react like that without knowing you, imagine having to have a conversation with someone this fucked.

m_kalibry Avatar

Soooo the only wrong thing they have done is not greet you politely back?

linux29 Avatar

Well he did say hateful neighbors, not necessarily bad neighbors.