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/int/ 44269808: It dawned on me

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Only small dicks have phimosis, because big dicks are big enough to make the skin too small to permanently cover the tip to a point where it starts to close. Even eventual erections will force the skin back and away from the tip. Phimosis is basically a way to select for big dicks, this is a revolution in the field of human sexuality and evolution of big dicks, if you work in this area pls submit a paper with my theory, I'm sure that it'll be accepted.

madebyvadim Avatar

KC is so gay these days that if I had posted a penis with phimosis I'd have gotten some 20 replies by now. Fucking faggots.

lisovsky Avatar

No one can relate to monkey science.

madhan4uu Avatar

What about growers, OP?

mfacchinello Avatar

t. small penis phimosis

a_khadeko Avatar

Is it a good thing if your foreskin is too short to cover the tip when erect? When my dick is hard you could almost think it is cut, yet it is fairly long.

Shriiiiimp Avatar

once I sucked a big cock with phimosis

bighanddesign Avatar

I had phimosis and my dick is 18cm, dont care if you dont believe. Into trash your theory goes.

stushona Avatar

Might be true

t. small dicked phimosis haver

davidbaldie Avatar

I bet you're a grower and low libido who didn't fap much and didn't have many erections when young.

madebyvadim Avatar

How does that make any sense as phimosis is because of too long and tight shaftskin?
If you have a 20cm benis you will still get phimosis if the skin is too tight and long.

atariboy Avatar

I'm huge and I had phimosis.