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/int/ 44270157: I want to ask out a girl I know but I'm terribly af...

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I want to ask out a girl I know but I'm terribly afraid, I'm literally shaking just thinking about it
Also we're seldom just by ourselves, there will probably be other people around
Never done this before obviously, t.24yo khv

How do keins do it?

emmakardaras Avatar

They just be themselves

katiemdaly Avatar

Just ask jeez, then make another post to ask how to deal with a gf/the pain

joshjoshmatson Avatar

they do it 5-10 times until some girl says yes

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Literally this. Asking a lot of girls out make your chance of having a gf skyrocket near 100%.

There is severak problem tho:
#1 Finding a girl pool large enough to you can double bet out of no gfness
#2 Dealing with rejection (none issue tbh)
#3 Dealing with shyness (jus bee yurself, bruh)

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ya, u just like this because you never did it before

there is only one option, go and do it. even if its horrible, you did it once. then do it again with some other grille, a bit better this time. then do it 3rd time, etc. by the time you talk to 10 of them your fear will vanish and you will be relaxed.

sames with everything else. remember first day of school? first day on the job? first time doing anything sucks and is hard. then you do it a few times, even badly, and you get good at it.

please dont be like the wizardchans who rationalize never event trying once.

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>I want to ask out a girl I know but I'm terribly afraid, I'm literally shaking just thinking about it

Be cool and make it like it isn't a date (but it is). You ask her if she'd like to go for a drink at the weekend with friends/co-workers and spend the whole night talking and flirting with her before making a move (this means kissing) when you two are alone (i.e. when nobody either of you know are in sight). She will know what you're after the whole time.

This is how normies survive in the world and why people without social skills suffer. With constant double entendres, hidden meanings and secrecy you can maintain an outward appearance of friendliness in case she doesn't reciprocate and she can avoid looking like the office whore.

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dude, you're just like

"let's space things up"



stop it



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its easier to read

than just clobbering it all together

its a big benefit that you can actually space things on here


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eat shit and die

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thanks for the replies guys, I'll try not to be a sissy

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Lol just walk over and say "Hi" bro

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we have sames. I've been wanting to ask the register girl of my Hofer out for a long time. I just have no idea how to go about it...

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I think the advice in this thread is mostly right, rejection isnt really a big deal and I (we) should not be such a pussy
It makes sense to me now, I just have to remember it when I see her
If it doesnt work out try with someone else

as for asking out, I'll try to be casual about it so it isnt 100% clear its a date as >>44270266 said, that doesnt make it as embarassing when she says no

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you will fail
i asked a grill out and she just talked her way out of it "oh fug im sick"
well ok then tell me when you are okay again
"will do"
that was a month ago

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at least she didnt immediately say no though so you cant be that creepy

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> at least she didnt immediately say no though so you cant be that creepy
Ach Bernd. Of course she immediately said 'no'.
> her way out of it "oh fug im sick"

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at least you tried, now try again, and again, as >>44270185 said

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this. just ask out every girl until someone says yes

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I accidentally somehow got a 19yo gril to fall for me and she took my apprentice hat with patience and love despite knowing how much of a failure I am. She was my first everything.

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