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/int/ 44270786: does bernd own any sex toys? any fantasy toys? woul...

subburam Avatar

does bernd own any sex toys?
any fantasy toys?

would bernd buy one?

joemdesign Avatar

Did all of those see the inside of your anus already?

nasirwd Avatar

I own some butt plugs that are really nice. One vibrates and rotates.

puzik Avatar

they're not mine but the person in question was fitting two of them at a time in his angus

craighenneberry Avatar

I own plug with vibration, makes me cum buckets. Most degenerate and lewd thing i brought.

breehype Avatar

finding joystick in this photo made me smile.

bighanddesign Avatar

technically they're all joy sticks

keyuri85 Avatar

>does bernd own any sex toys?
>would bernd buy one?
yes, but i'm poor

thomweerd Avatar

I have a butt-plug, a few dildos, and a gag. Just the standard KC2018 stuff.

karsh Avatar

> Just the standard KC2018 stuff.

you're missing the cock cage

adhiardana Avatar

>does bernd own any sex toys?
A couple
>any fantasy toys?
One bad dragon dildo
>would bernd buy one?
Yes, Id like to buy anal plug with massage effect.

ionuss Avatar

Yes, but it's silhouette is extremely close to one of the dildos, which i found somewhat funny and absurd in some sense. I would usually expect to see hidden dildo in a pile of joysticks rater than in reverse.

turkutuuli Avatar

I own lots of women lingerie, several dildos and vibrators, electro sex toys, dillators, chastity devices, ... I think I uploaded a picture showing them some months ago.

robergd Avatar

Shit, you're right. Is there a particular model you would recommend?

iqbalperkasa Avatar

get a plexiglass one for maximum comfort

t. casual observer

aadesh Avatar

> Shit, you're right. Is there a particular model you would recommend?
Do not get the cheap CB-6000. The ring has some ridge that will be quite uncomfortable after a short while.
Get this model:
It's very comfortable (you can remove the electro stuff if you don't need it).

tereshenkov Avatar

i have vibrator
i love masturbating with it.

arashmanteghi Avatar

don't forget to get a cock sheath to augment your benis

cbracco Avatar

This is something straight out of horror movie

eduardostuart Avatar

I don't have any but I'd like to have an ultra realistic sex doll.

m4rio Avatar

Get different one :>

cat_audi Avatar

I have a shock collar that was made for dogs that I use when masturbating. Just as I'm climaxing, I shock myself. It's amazing.

irsouza Avatar

I want to buy a buttplug. Any suggestions?

marshallchen_ Avatar

get something inflatable so you can get knotted, it's the best feeling

n1ght_coder Avatar

If you want to wear it while walking you need one that has a thin shaft, otherwise it will fall out. For example the classic metal ones that you'd see camwhores with (with that fake gemstone for example) are quite good for that. They come in different sizes and you get them quite cheap on aliexpress. The cheap ones of course don't use noble metals like medical products though.
Inflatable is kinda nice as you can adjust the size, but you have to be careful as a beginner because overstretching will lead to ruptures (you won't feel them, because no nerves for that, but you will bleed a bit (heals in 1-2 weeks)). Bigger problem with those - especially the balloon ones, is the latex that will rip after a while (months). Of course wearing them is a lot harder as you'd need to carry along the pump. And they are not even that cheap.

malgordon Avatar

There are no real caveats on this kind of stuff, just make sure you have enough lube, and don't force into yourself biggest toy of the shelf.
Also there are health concerns about plugs made from silicone, cyberskin and all other stuff made with help of chemical industry. So if you are paranoid about your health, you may stick to more natural materials like wood, glass or metal.

carloscrvntsg Avatar

I own toy that looks like this, but also has vibration modes.

ma_tiax Avatar

i used to have a kinky gf and we bought a lot of stuff together, then we broke up and i continued buying stuff, most things we used together but some i still use when i have a day off and fap

>a small 12cm thin dildo
>a 18cm medium dildo with vibration
>a 25cm thick dildo with suction (this one barely went in my ass and used to murder her pussy)
>a 35cm thin double-ended dildo we penetrated ourselves with at the same time
>a set of hegar sounds that we both used but mostly i just put one in as deep as possible and then turned the vibrating dildo on and shook my dick from within, felt amazing
>an e-stim toy with controller and 10cm thin sounding metal rod + some straps that can e-stim your dick from the inside and out
>rubber cock rings
>a strapon
>gags, blindfolds

god damn im horny just making this list, i used to have some awesome times with that girl in various hotel rooms and our places, we'd fuck and do kinky shit for hours on end, sometimes we'd go on roadtrips and not even visit the local stuff, just stay in bed and use toys and have sex all day

funwatercat Avatar

t.guy with imagine gf

Shriiiiimp Avatar

don't bully, maybe he has gypsy gf

aleclarsoniv Avatar

Are you dating my mom?

nateschulte Avatar


I don't want to wear them (yet), just something to fap with that's not a boring piece of plastic. Maybe something with a nice texture

alta1r Avatar


I was thinking about glass but I'm afraid of breaking it