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bighanddesign Avatar

Isn't it nice that a lot of those POW-Germans who'd spent their time in captivity in Canada immigrated to Canada after the war?

irsouza Avatar

We even gave them rifles to hunt with while they were on vacation in camps.

sgaurav_baghel Avatar

that's why canada is so good at hockey now

irsouza Avatar

Meanwhile Germans would rather walk home from Siberia than staying in Russia.

antongenkin Avatar

Well, it surely was the better option than coming home to an utterly ruined and occupied country, where everything you loved and believed in was gone, your future was uncertain and Communism still was a constant threat, having taken control of half of the country.

Canada was a nice place back then, lots of untouched nature, unsettled land and lots of well mannered people of overwhelming european descent.

Cannot really blame any German who made that choice for himself.

albertodebo Avatar

It must've been pretty romantic. You and your friends from war/prison camps gather money, buy some cheap land near woods and start in the nature from the bottom.

jamesmbickerton Avatar

Many Dutch emigrated to Canada after the war. Lots went to the United States too, and Australia, some even went to Argentina.
Some also moved to Austria and Germany, probably not hard to guess why.