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/int/ 44271124: Third world stories, today: customer service

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Hello Bernd!
As you may see, i am coming out of a third world country and today i like to introduce you how we lack customer service.
I called up a new pizza place (yes, calling, because i can't order online there), since i had a flyer in my mailbox. So i ordered a Pizza with some extra toppings and the shitskin (i mean here sandnegroes and not italiens) on the other end had already trouble understanding me, even when i tried to speak high german. I asked him to repeat the order and was interrupted with a harsh
"Why should i do that?!"
"It seems that you might not understood the complete order"
"Yes, i did, we deliver, no worries!"
"oooook, so how long does it take?"
"eehm, wait.... so... about... ehm... 20 min. good!"
"ok, cu then"
After 1 hour i already thought they don't even got my address right so i fixed myself a sandwich. After 1,5 hours my doorbell rang and the delivery guy standing there, demanding (without saying hello or apologize for the delay) the full amount of money. I said to him, that we have to do something about the price, because i am not paying the full amount.
"You have to, you ordered it!"
"Well, you said 20 min. and now it is 1,5 hours later, so if i knew, i wouldn't have ordered it from your business"
"You have to pay for it full price or i will call police!"
I then opened the pizza box and, sure enough, 2 toppings were missing and i said to him, that this isn't the product i ordered and that he shall go ahead and call the police, because i am sure he isn't even legally working there.
He then cussed something in his Untermenschen language to me and went back to his car. I observed him standing there while he was on the phone through my window (assumingly calling his boss) and when he left my property, he had thrown the pizza into my trashbin that was standing there.
I then went out and the box didn't open so i got the pizza out of the trash and ate it, but it wasn't that good though, so it wasn't a lost opportunity after all
How shitty is customer service in your country, Bernd?

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You ate from the bin :-D
Americans complain about our customer service, but I don't see the problem. Dutch companies will rip you off, that's for sure.

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You have ADD

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As i said: the box didn't open, so the pizza didn't touch the trash.
Also dutch people have the reputation that they are very stingy, so it doesn't really surprise me.

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That's why I only order my pizzas from Domino's. Anglos understand the importance of a good service.

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We are very stingy, it's the truth. I have a hard time even seeing how being careful with money is bad to begin with. I know the old 'life is short bruh' argument, but I don't see how spending your life getting crushed by or fleeing from those you owe money to is so amazing.

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I never order to home and I very rarely eat out. I can't complain, everyone so far has been polite and problems weren't.
This sounds awful, if that happened to me, I would be really stressed out and upset and it would put me off from ordering forever

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I don't really get your gist. It seems that you equate "being stingy" with "having no debt" and the other way around.

>I would be really stressed out and upset
Why would you be?
I mean, there are good and bad people in life and especially businesses try to scam you, so you just have to find the good ones and i checked this behaviour more like "well, they tried".
I also think, they wont be in business long. :3

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Why is it confusing? Being stingy and staying out of debt are more or less the same, but maybe I am confusing the attitude with the purpose here.

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I meant stingy in the way like when you go out with friends and you are invited to drink and you never pay a round the next time or so.