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/jp/ 38431: Politischer Protest in Japan 2015

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Seifuku Kojo Iinkai (Uniform Improvement Committee), an idol group consisting of 10 young women dressed in school uniforms, has also been critical of the government in recent months. Tackling such contentious topics as nuclear power, defense and capitalism, the group certainly isn’t afraid to speak its mind.

In June, the group fell out with the Yamato municipal government in Kanagawa Prefecture after singing songs that criticized Abe and the Liberal Democratic Party at an event endorsed by the city. “The Upper House election lacks excitement,” the girls sang in their parody of U.S. minstrel Stephen Foster’s “Oh Susanna.” “TV broadcasters don’t make it exciting/ There are too many lying politicians/ The Liberal Democratic Party, the root of all evil.”

The local government retroactively withdrew its support.

Eighteen-year-old Yuria Saito and 17-year-old Kana Kinashi are still shocked over the ruling party’s reaction.

“I couldn’t believe how small-minded the LDP members were,” Saito says. “All we did was criticize the LDP, not support a specific political organization or anything. We use our songs to point out what we think is wrong with the government. We sang about the Democratic Party of Japan, too.”

After the event, the group’s office was inundated with hateful messages and even some death threats. Seifuku Kojo Iinkai’s management company beefed up security and consulted with the police, who agreed to add its office to daily patrols. The young women, however, refuse to be intimidated.

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>hateful messages and even some death threats
Stammen die jetzt von extremen LDP-Befürwortern oder von Otakus, die nicht mit politisch aktiven Idols handeln können?

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Vermutlich sowohl als auch, würde mich zudem nicht wundern wenn die ganzen Rechtsaußen-Otaku Abe lüftern.

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(╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻

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Abe wekbuxen.