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/kc/ 40406: int ball borplems

arashmanteghi Avatar

I used to have a Reunionball but now when I post I see Martinique with no picture instead of my ball. I don't mind it much but I don't want to get banned by a clueless mod of int ;_;

rcass Avatar

The database says you're in Martinique.

We don't have a ball for that. -.-

joshkennedy Avatar

The Martinique flag is simply the French one, right? Should be enough to copy that then.

jpotts18 Avatar

But I'm not in Martinique. I'm in Reunion island which is another "colony" of France in the Indian Ocean while Martinique is in the Caribeans.
Also today I have Guadeloupe with French flag (I'm not the tourist there)

craighenneberry Avatar

You should get a very special snowflake icon instead of a countryball.

jffgrdnr Avatar

The Réunion flag is also the French one, so the solution would be the same.

mauriolg Avatar

No need to be upset, I'm just explaining this weird situation

evandrix Avatar

Not necessarily.

_kkga Avatar

B-But there are balls for that!

jpotts18 Avatar


nice to see you are alive and well

stephcoue Avatar

Actually wasn't him, he retired but is still alive, posted on /int/ not long time ago.