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/kc/ 40557: Guadeloupe and Martinique ball

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Can you please implement Guadeloupe and Martinique balls?
When that dude from Reunion have flag or nothing at all it tingles my autism.

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I support this.

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I'd prefer if he just got his Reunion ball but the flag is ugly.

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well some people who are actually in guadeloupe or martinique might show up one day who knows

also thanks admin

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That feel when Floridaball is gone.

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There are 4 proposed Flags and a "Logo" of Reunion. This is so far the most popular one.
Reunion dude used to have this ball made from Coat of Arms, but that looked weird compared to other balls made out of Flags.

To be honest the only dependand territoriy without any sort of a Flag (be it official, proposed or fan-made) is Ascension Island (.ac). If we'll even have anyone from here we will have to just use Australian ball.

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Thanks Admin. If you're still there, could you consider giving our Northern Cypriot a ball?
It show his ball as Turkey, which is weird.
As for the Floridaball he posted not long time ago from /int/, sadly he retired from making balls.

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Since Floridaball retired... I also made Christmas Flags. According to Wiki main religion of Martinique is Catholic Christianity, Guadeloupe's obviously too, St. Mary of Guadeloupe and such...

Now the only problem will be War Weeks balls, someone will have to make them in case our poster will be posting during it, or eventually copy helmet from France.

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Floridaball here (yes, that one)...

I did not make any of the balls for War Week. I see that balliday as an opportunity for other posters to try their hand at drawing their own ball for War Week and have it posted.

Nice work, bro. That's 100% exactly how I would do it.

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I remember when I drew Reunionball. I made several balls based on the several proposed Reunion flags. Der General picked the current one with the coat of arms, as that is the only one with any actual official status.

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Also, I updated the archive. It has the Guadeloupe and Martinique balls moved to the main folder and the new Christmas balls here >>40567 added as well.

Also, observe the file count. Before it was 1,945 items and now it is like 2,003 items. I have no explanation for this big jump other than I am posting from a brand-new computer (I accidentally'd the whole thing with the old one).

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We had a legitimate (?)Gibraltarian today, can admin give him a ball?
I've seen other Gibraltarians on map summing our all visitors, but these were probably proxies.

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Hmm, that would explain why when I was modifying Italian Warball (some dude made new hat for enlisted, I modified both to looks like your Italian Kingdomball.png) had not only different shape/colour of flag but also different placement of conturs. I remember you mentioned this once and that's why you have redone all normal and x-mas balls, to standardise it. I thought you've re-done warballs too.

New computer, is this why you retired? You have unnecessary thumbs.db files in your archive, you can disable making thumbnails in options of folders (at least in WinXP)

Speaking about your archive, in my computer some names with diactrical signs are not displayed properly (random signs instead of the ones you set). I've renamed them to what I found in internet, but one particular RiograndeĄos Republicball.png I cannot find a proper name, what sign is this "Ą" supposed to represent? I don't know proper demonym of Republic of Rio Grande (US).

Do you have old version of Israeli x-mas cube saved somewhere? The one in style of your other cubes, I need it for experimental purposes and can't find it anywhere.

Why is hp.png not in Special and there is even x-mas version of it? I don't think it's a regular user, rather special like the infamous pl-1.png

Also why was vn-sun-hat.png deleted in newest versions?

Do you still have these somewhere? Particulary one with French flag in the left I posted and one with vulcan, these two are most popular.

Actually this is just blason (shield), the actual Reunion CoA looks like this . There was some dude who often uploaded only shields on Wikipedia with weird shadowing.

I like the particular proposition of flag because it includes French flag too.
I don't think flags of Maritnique and Guadeloupe (also Saint Pierre and Miquelon, Wallis and Futuna and Mayotte) have any official status, they're either historical or used only locally, only French Guiana and New Caledonia made their flags official.

If I recall correctly the newest warball to be modified was the Liechtenstein one, not the Omsk like in archive. Does someone know adress of Warballs?

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Upgrade with these.

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Yeah, the new PC is an off-the-shelf HP desktop with Windows 8.1. Yes, it's maximumpleb.png, but I don't care. I'd rather not deal with the headaches from custom-built stuff anymore.

> RiograndeĄos Republicball.png I cannot find a proper name
There must be some thing in your PC that does not show the Spanish "n" with the squiggly line above it. Pic related is how it appears on my end.

>Do you have old version of Israeli x-mas cube saved somewhere?
Everytime I update the archive, I e-mail it to myself as a back-up. The icon is from an archive in early December 2011.

>Why is hp.png not in Special and there is even x-mas version of it?
It's not a "balliday" ball and isn't "turned off" per se. The user that uses it just hasn't been posting under it in a while. AFAIK, the icon appears over Antarctica on the map when he posts, but the guy himself is actually some gay Austrian guy in Vienna. I'm assuming he must have given some sort of big donation to Der General in exchange for having a special unique snowflake icon, but that part I don't know for sure. Also, as for why the icon is a HP logo, my understanding is that it is a Germanic attempt at humor based on some instance a while ago where HP wanted to have its own domain ".hp" and people laughed because this in a way implied that HP thought that it was a country, or something like that.

>Also why was vn-sun-hat.png deleted in newest versions?
It felt redundant.

>Do you still have these somewhere?
I do not have all the other designs for Reunion saved. I was just doing them all temporarily to see which one Der General would pick.

>Does someone know adress of Warballs?
The .li warballs in the Krautchan database appear to be the same ones in the current archive. The dates of the files in the archive will not always be in sync with which one was actually made at this time or that time, especially if they are made by other folks.

Hmmm, I dunno. Adding those might be considered "fun" and some people here take offense to the whole "fun" concept in general.

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We have a legitimate poster from Gibraltar >>40592 (made 2+ posts, one yesterday) and tourist in Sint Maarten >>/int/23257604 , please give them balls.

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3rd+ post of Gibraltarian >>/int/23262631

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Islamic State ball when?

The designer must've been high as fuck

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These need Christmas balls, too.

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Mods, Israel needs war Mitznefets.

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Ball archive updated. Germany's trophy and Brazil's, err..."eternal placement marker" also added.

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New and accurate Liechtenstein war week balls, brought to you by he who made the old and shitty ones.

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I will add those to the archive once the Admin adds them to the database.

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