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/kc/ 40574: Besides the US stateballs for 4 July like last year, a ...

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Besides the US stateballs for 4 July like last year, a Swedish poster had an additional idea for that day. See pic for details.

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We had a moment in our mediaeval history called "breakdown of district" (rozbicie dzielnicowe), I think it would be a good idea to "celebrate it" by giving Polish posters balls of their Voivodeships.

Not sure what version KC uses, but on Livechan its:
"PL-72":"Lower Silesia",
"PL-74":"Lodz Land",
"PL-75":"Lublin Land",
"PL-76":"Lubusz Land",
"PL-77":"Lesser Poland",
"PL-79":"Opole Silesia",
"PL-84":"Swietokrzyskie Land",
"PL-86":"Greater Poland",
"PL-87":"West Pomerania",
(If following name convention of US States, ie "US-CA":"California", became ca.png

But of course someone would have to make balls for them all... I had Lower Silesian Voivodeship ball somewhere too.

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Found it. It's not in the style of others though, too small and not detailed, because another person than Floridaball made it.

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Can staff kindly switch these on, please?

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Also, convert all text to the phrase "USA USA USA"

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Oh damn, just noticed now I broke the system. Well, next year then. :\

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