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/kc/ 41234: Why not add a Search function to the boards?

snowwrite Avatar

If someone loses their thread they can find it,
and they can also check for threads on a similar topic before creating their own.
I don't know whether or not a Catalog is in the works I know that gets brought up alot, sorry,
but a Search Bar could be a much simpler solution in the meantime (or instead of).

I feel like the function to check for pre-existing threads is a very useful one, and would greatly improve the quality of the site.

DerGeneral, please consider. ;-)

mizhgan Avatar

I'm sure this will make him consider it, after he rejected the first 9001 requests.

bergmartin Avatar

Why are you so hostile?
There's no need to lash out like that.

I clearly didn't know it had been requested so much before.

ritapetrilli87 Avatar

There are at least 6 threads about it on /kc/ right now, with 2 of them in english.
If you don't even take the time to look through the board, you don't deserve any friendly response.

chanpory Avatar

There are, in fact, ZERO threads on /kc/ asking this specific question.

I just looked at every thread from page 1 to page 10, and there were only maybe 2 ask about a Catalog. (Which was not my question -- nor was a "Search" option mentioned in any of the replies to those threads.)

btw, checking for existing threads would have taken 3 seconds instead of +10 minutes if we had a search bar or catalog, and might encourage more people to check in future instances.

If you don't have anything constructive or informative to say please just stop replying to my thread.

dhooyenga Avatar

The bot on irc has a search function for files (by Name) built in, idk if This helps

ALSO: Catalogue Please

deviljho_ Avatar

Search option correlates with catalogue, even a retard like you should note that.

I don't know what you're implying, I'm not against a catalogue, I'm just sick of the 100th thread about it.
"Lurk moar" used to mean something around here.

id835559 Avatar

Just use dollchan and fav. ur threads

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