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/kc/ 41241: regarding the Scottish Yes/No vote

alexradsby Avatar

What are you planning on doing for maximum keks the minutes after the veredict comes up?

husamyousf Avatar

After a No vote, will the Scotball be removed?

After a Yes vote, what will happen to the Scotballs? Will they get a special hat, as suggested in >>24599976? Will Brits lose their hat permanently? Will the Britball temporarily be turned into a pacman-esque ghost?

id835559 Avatar

These were some example hats posted.

soyeljuaco Avatar

If a No vote loses means that Scotland loses its ball, surely Quebec should have theirs removed too?

vladyn Avatar

In addition to losing their hat, Britball should also get their mouseover text changed from
>United Kingdom
>“United” Kingdom
in case of a Yes vote.

Else Scotland loses its ball. Seems fair.

ajaxy_ru Avatar

no, why?

dutchnadia Avatar

This here is fresh from /int/
>>Boston (pronooncit /ˈbɒstən/ ( listen)) is the caipital o an lairgest ceety in Massachusetts, an is ane o the auldest ceeties in the Unitit States.
>Creating a translation script should be hard, just replace the words.

>It'll be nice if the mods make one like the one they made for April's fools a years ago which replace Roman alphabet's characters for their corresponding Cyrillic characters.

suprb Avatar

Making everyone speak scottish for a day sounds like fun. It'd be a ton of work though, not nearly as easy as cyrillic day.

sindresorhus Avatar

Britain will turn into a Germoney colony officially.

jqueryalmeida Avatar

NO it should be

"Formally United Kingdom (FUK)"

mandalareopens Avatar

If No wins then Scotland should be given an Englandball. Scots are already used to posting as a Britball sometimes

anass_hassouni Avatar

- Scotland keeps its ball and gets a tammy. Mouseover text is "Free Scotland".
- UK loses its hat.
Mouseover text is "Less United Kingdom".

- Scotland loses its ball.
- UK keeps its ball and hat.
Mouseover text is "Forever United Kingdom".

hampusmalmberg Avatar

This is the second thread and the United Kingdom is related to Ireland, not to Scotland. It will just be the United Kingdom of Northern Ireland and England then.

Fucking autists.

craigelimeliah Avatar

I don't see what you're raging about, so you probably are the autist here.

shesgared Avatar

>United Kingdom of Northern Ireland and England then.

The former Kingdom of England within the UK is now called England And Wales though. Thus the Correct name would be the United Kingdom of England and Wales and Northern Ireland

surajitkayal Avatar

That’s not autism, that’s being right. Internet autism is when you develop retarded lore to your misconceptions of reality.

It would be, yes.

kershmallow Avatar

>Mouseover text is "Less United Kingdom".

"Formally United Kingdom (FUK)" is better

eduardostuart Avatar

So have mods made a decision?

anhskohbo Avatar

Scotland has made a decision.

They have decided that Britain Is Strong.