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/kc/ 41406: Can we have merdolino Halloween costumes?...

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Can we have merdolino Halloween costumes?

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What's Merdolino?

I'm serious.

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Turd balls

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Please gibe :3

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lol, that's silly.

BTW, countryball icons were inspired by comics. I think there should be Merdolino comics first before we can have icons for them.

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I think those are the blocs from Dr. Robotnik's Mean Bean Machine (a game for Sega Mega Drive) and Puyo-Puyo games.

It's a good idea for Aprils Fool's Day/Prima Aprilis (like we once had Spürdos) or even Halloween, you guys are right.

Btw Italian if you're OP if you want your merdolinos to be replacement of current miniballs via a script or used during some holiday once approved by Admin you can always do all for the most posting or all countries recognised by KC. - List of names for balls. replaced by two-name national domain adress + quebec, bavaria, texas, scotland, catalonia.
I have invidual flag for each of them save for one dependency of Great Britain and Australia, which don't have official, proposed, nor fan-made flags.

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Here's list of Floridaball of countries which have post or exists in the database.

RIP in Pieces [*] dude.

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>RIP in Pieces [*] dude.


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> halloween
Nein, Sören, verpiß dich!

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>in einem /int/ relatiertem Faden
Krebs in Reinform

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Garantiert wieder Seppel die moderierende Katholensau. Geisteskranker gehts gar nicht meer.

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>I think those are the blocs from Dr. Robotnik's Mean Bean Machine (a game for Sega Mega Drive) and Puyo-Puyo games.
No, it is the shit from the Pou app.

t. merdolino creator


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So you'r alive still, continue ur duty. I thought you stopped actualising it.
Idk if you did it already but pls remove that Thumbs.db thing from zip archvies.

Oh dog, I can't stand fanatics like you.
Do you even know where Halloween comes from? US? No, Ireland, the fucking Ireland, one of the most Catholic countries!
You guys bitch about Halloween, at the same time accepting shit from US like Valentines or the Coca-Cola Santa Claus (especially the latter), who is even often confused with St. Nicholas the Bishop (especially here) and replaces the genuine Catholic tradition, yet you don't bitch about it as much. Why? The origins are even more Pagan than those of Halloween!
There's nothing wrong with mythology and folklore, back then people believed in Griffins or Werewolves, Church wasn't calling that "Pagan" or something, a dose of spooky monsters wouldn't change much in religiosity of people.

Don't get me wrong, I don't approve forcing it down our throats, I'm against celebrating Halloween in Poland, it simply isn't our tradition nor holiday. It's just shit massively imported from US like Valentines or Coca-Cola Santa Claus, effects of globalisation.
You do it without a reason tho, it's a holiday from Christian country whether you like it or not, why not protest Valentines and Coca-Cola Santa Claus instead/too? People like you just give Christians bad name.
But even we have a simlar native tradition, Day of the Dead (after which Catholic "Day of all the Saints" comes). Every European country in fact have something akin to Hallows. If it just stayed an Irish tradition, it would never get imported to other countries tho, we can only thank US influence for that.

But this is /int/ board, so it should respect every culture. And since americanisation had it's obvious impact... I see no reason to have no Halloween balls on /int/.

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10/10 rant, would read again. :3

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Lol, no. Wie do not have the Cola-Man, but the Christkind (Child-Jesus). And St. Nikolaus day is in the 6. And we celebrate his day then. And we do neither import Halloween nor the Valentines shit.
Deutschland erwache! Hört nicht auf diese Hurensöhne! Gegen diese Idee.