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/kc/ 41805: A potential solution to the DDoSing

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Hullo Bernd,

As you're no doubt aware, the recent events in the Donbass and ensuing information war have spread onto the battlefields of /int/, where 'patriotic' Russians from sosach and such places engage in hourly shit-flinging contests with our local Ukrainians/Westerners.

Since the events of 9/11, when the proofs-rooster meme made its way to sosach and attracted the attention of Abu the Admin, /int/ has become virtually unrecognisable and is in real danger of becoming terminally cancerous and/or an outpost of

As if this wasn't bad enough, at least one Russian bot handler is browsing the board and executing a DDoS attack every time he reads something butthurt-inducing, or so it would appear. This affects the entire site, not just /int/, and as such I think that as admins, action should be taken to prevent it.

In the past, when one specific nation was causing issues, they were rangebanned from /int/, most famously in the case of Finns whose shitposting reached such levels the majority of the country was banned without a komturcode. As a result of this, the Finns that post on /int/ generally contribute quality to the board. I suggest taking the same approach with Russians, at least until the situation settles somewhat. Quality Russian posters can of course go on IRC and get a code to post, while the majority of sosach bydlo won't bother and thus the quality of the board will improve noticeably.

oaktreemedia Avatar

It is only fair if the Ukrainians and Poles are banned as well. They're just as guilty of the current situation.

madhan4uu Avatar

I find that a good idea.

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Ukrainians and Poles aren't DDoSing the entire board though.

liang Avatar

They are the reason why the board is being DDoS'ed

freddetastic Avatar

> Quality Russian posters can of course go on IRC
How do I do that?
I've heard about this IRC lots of times but never cared.
t. quality Russian poster

georgedyjr Avatar

This is laughable.

jonesdigidesign Avatar

No, Russian butthurt is the reason the board is being DDoSed. The Poles/Ukrainians aren't firing up Pyloris, they're just posting their opinions, something that is common on an anonymous imageboard. What is happening is essentially a really crappy attempt at censoring /int/, and it really needs to stop.

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No, what it really is is taking sides, which is something the moderation team should never do. Either ban both sides, or leave them alone.

arnel_lenteria Avatar

more like Psoriasis

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I bet my lunch money that you're a German.
Who else could show so little understanding, yet be so judgemental.

albertaugustin Avatar

You are failing to understand here. Russians have crossed the line by physically affecting the site. They are in the wrong as they are retaliating with excessive force. If other nationalities started to physically affect the site, by all means they should be banned also, but they're not.

_zm Avatar

British. You can send me your money later.

You're also ignoring what I'm trying to say here. Your own example, the Finns, is completely inappropriate here, as the circumstances are different. The Finns weren't pushed by anybody to raid the website, they did it of their own accord and so were liable to be held accountable for their actions. The Russians, on the other hand, were pushed to DDoS the site by extreme anti-Russian sentiment. The mods did the right thing and deleted the 'proofs' threads. Punishing people for self-defence is inherently wrong.

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>extreme anti-Russian sentiment

Lmao really? There is extreme anti-British/Swedish/German/American/Muslim/female/gay/straight sentiment on /int/ for every single hour of every single day and yet, we manage to deal with it. The constant petukh/PROOFS???/Russia=shit spam has died down completely, yet the DDoSing still continues and it coincides with the appearance of threads about Ukraine where the discussion proceeds in an anti-Russian direction. This is plain and simple censorship, and as I was typing this we got another round of 522 despite there being no openly anti-Russian content on the front page whatsoever.

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Maybe the best solution is to close any threads concerning the civil war in Ukraine for the time being, regardless of how the discussion is going. I know I won't shed a single tear for this loss.
>as I was typing this we got another round of 522 despite there being no openly anti-Russian content on the front page whatsoever
Then I would question if the Russians are behind it in the first place.

Anyway, I hope I made myself clear.

kazukichi_0914 Avatar

Okey. It's still laughable to ban Poles/Ukrainians just because they happen to make Russians butthurt, and in retaliation they start flinging shit at KC servers.

cat_audi Avatar

Fucking Russkis
ban them all

justinrhee Avatar

All this has started long before 9/11. You started it with your rampant russophoby, which in its turn forced us to go full defense mode demanding proofs for every piece of hateful bullshit you came up with. Not happy with that you made an awkward attempt at ridiculing the basis of every argument - backing up your claims. And now you're upset this backfires.
You're unable to see into the cause of things.

Besides I really don't see how prohibiting posting should stop the ddos. It's the westfags that are shitposting, ddos does not require ability to post.
I mean come on, use your brain, banning means readonly access. This in no way affects what you claimed as
>executing a DDoS attack every time he reads something butthurt-inducing
as this requires only ability to read.
Also, have you thought that perhaps one of reasons behind ddos is trying to show admins how essentially useless cloudflare is if it can be bypassed? Maybe it's made out of spite, if there was no cloudflare involved it wouldn't be as much fun doing that.

Perhaps you need to stop the hatecrimes instead.

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Krautchan had those troubles long before Ukies shit their pants.